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The complexities of Hauwa – The Hidden

24 June 2023
With her unyielding spirit and unstoppable drive, Hauwa embodies the essence of strength and determination, but she has her flaws.
Complex Hauwa

In the captivating world of The Hidden, there is one character who shines with an unwavering determination and an eagerness to make a difference. Hauwa, a formidable force to be reckoned with, stands out amidst the chaos and intrigue of the series. Her journey is a tumultuous one, filled with both triumphs and tribulations, as she navigates the complexities of seeking justice and finding her true self.

We embark on an exploration of Hauwa's character, delving into the depths of her unwavering spirit and the challenges she faces in her quest for justice and self-discovery.

A fighter with a big heart
Hauwa possesses an admirable quality—her eagerness to help others. She is driven by her compassionate nature and stands up for those in need. Her strong convictions and feisty personality make her the champion of the underdog. Escaping her marriage to a much older man, Hauwa takes pride in her ability to reshape her life and believes that anyone can do the same if they truly desire it.

Fiery convictions and clashes
However, Hauwa's eagerness and hot-headedness can sometimes lead to conflicts. She has a penchant for aggression and impatience in her pursuit of justice. This trait clashes with Flo's more composed approach, leading to frequent disagreements between the two. While Flo urges Hauwa to adopt a calmer demeanor, Hauwa believes that her aggressive stance will yield better results.

A viral act of bravery
Hauwa's passionate nature lands her in a situation that turns her into an unexpected social media sensation. When a confrontation breaks out between a young lady and a hoodlum, Hauwa's courageous intervention makes headlines. Though her act of bravery is commendable, it unwittingly exposes her location to the very people she was hiding from. The video of the incident goes viral, reaching even her estranged husband up north, who begins to piece together her whereabouts.

More clashes and revelations
In addition to her impulsive nature, Hauwa frequently clashes with Temisan, sensing that there is more to her than meets the eye. Discovering Temisan's hidden truths sends Hauwa into a tailspin of belligerence, judgment, and condescension. Despite Flo's attempts to calm her, Hauwa remains steadfast in her suspicions.

As viewers, we are captivated by Hauwa's strength and determination. However, we can't help but worry that her eagerness may inadvertently lead to the unraveling of Flo's well-hidden sanctuary. Only by tuning in to The Hidden every Sunday at 8:30 pm WAT can we discover if Hauwa will gain the wisdom and insight needed to navigate these challenges with grace and poise.