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May's must-watch movies on Africa Magic

07 May 2023
Don't miss the best of African entertainment this May on Africa Magic!
May movies 2023

We have a fantastic line-up of movies and shows across all our channels this May! Whether you're a fan of Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), Africa Magic Urban (DStv channel 153 and GOtv SUPA channel 6), or Africa Magic Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2), there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Here's what you can expect on each channel:

Africa Magic Showcase 
Deep State/6th May/19:00 WAT
Unforgettable/7th May/20:30 WAT
No Way Back /13th May/ 19:00 WAT
Sleeping Wahala /14th May/20:30 WAT
Untamed/ 21 May/20:30 WAT
Finding Your Rhythm/20th May/19:00 WAT
Tough Cookies/27th May/19:00 WAT
Error/28th May/20:30 WAT

Africa Magic Urban
The Nancy Isime Show /5th May / 21:30 WAT
Never Fall In Love /6th May / 19:00 WAT
Tales of Vanessa /7th May/ 20:30 WAT
Truly, Deeply, Madly/14th May/ 20:30 WAT
Dickson / 20th May / 19:00 WAT
What She Feared / 21st May/ 20:30 WAT
Enkindled / 28th May / 20:30 WAT
Insane Reality / 13th May / 19:00 WAT

Africa Magic Family
Binging with Game Changers Sundays /15:30 WAT

Africa Magic Hausa
Goyon Kaka / 6th May/ 20:30 WAT
Sanin Mutum Da Baba /8th/ 17:30 WAT
Dairar Rayuwa / 8th May / 18:30 WAT
Girke Giken / 8th May / 18:00 WAT
Muguwar Rawa/ 13th/ 20:30 WAT
Wanake So / 21st/ 20:30 WAT
Budurwata / 27th May/ 20:30 WAT
Sultan/ 28/ 20:30 WAT

Don't miss out on these amazing shows and movies! Tune in to Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Urban, and Africa Magic Family for some of the best African entertainment available.