Hauwa The Hidden


In the opening episodes, Hauwa is feisty, outspoken, and strong in her convictions. The champion of the underdog. She believes what she believes and holds everyone to high standards especially herself. Having escaped a planned marriage to a man nearly 3 times her age, she prides herself on her ability to redesign her world/life and believes anyone can do the same if they truly want to. Finding out that Temisan is not exactly who she claims to be, causes her to go into a tailspin. She becomes belligerent, judgemental, antagonistic, and condescending. As Temisan’s true story unfolds, Hauwa’s brothers show up and the past she believed she had escaped crashes into her present, she has to rethink everything she thought she knew about choices and circumstances. She gains wisdom and insight and realises there’s far more grey than black and white and that there is no “activism” without compassion.

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