Flo The Hidden


Of all the residents of the house, Flo is the most grounded, the anchor that holds them all together. She’s measured, calm and deliberate. She’s battled most of her demons and won. She accepts that while she cannot alter the past, she can help shape the future. If not for herself then for someone else.

She is an empath, with healthy boundaries. She recognizes the wounds in her residents and tries to help them heal. And yes, to some extent the residents do fill a void. Hauwa is the daughter she lost perhaps… Kweku knows her intimately and has seen her at some of her weakest moments. They have a bond no doubt, one that could cross the line in an unguarded moment of weakness. She won’t let that happen… but they love each other in their own peculiar way and have each other’s back without question. She trusts him with her life. She is kind, compassionate, generous, and deeply spiritual. She loves music and loves to dance. Yet at the core of this is a ruthlessness like a sharp razor concealed in a suede glove. When necessary, she will shut down those emotions and operate cold as ice slicing through anything that threatens the world she has created it will not happen again. She is deeply spiritual and believes nothing is a coincidence. Her flaw? She’s still looking for redemption, still doing penance, still mourning, and trying to put back the family she lost.

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