#BBHotshots: First wager all in

07 October 2014
The Big Brother Hotshots Housemates are well into the game, as they have been presented with their first tasks and wager.
#BBHotshots: First wager all in

By Siphilile Shelembe

The tasks began during the first full day that the housemates spent in Biggy's house. First during vocal training in the morning with RJ Benjamin, the housemates got into the groove with Permithias and Kacey Moore singing over their guitars.

For their first task the housemates were called to practice the procedure should a fire break out.

They also learnt how to use a fire extinguisher, which they used to "blow out the flames".

Tayo seemed to have picked up the phrase: "You get what I am saying?".

The housemates entered their first wager full of confidence as they bet the full 100%. The wager involves the housemates putting on a talent show complete with posters for their individual performances.

Biggy also heard the housemates' cries and let them participate in their first diary sessions.

While the diary sessions went on and housemates shared their hopes with Biggy, Lillian received a massage from Luis:

As the tasks went on JJ and Nhlanhla shared some of their career aspirations with each other and found that they both shared a love for farming and going green.

More fun was had when Biggy let the drinks flow after supper.

Esther showed another side to her character as the housemates enjoyed some games. She and Permithius seemed to get more energy and ran around causing commotion as the other housemates were trying to sleep.

While these two were being chaotic others, like Tayo, remained on their best behavior as he snuggled up in bed without anyone noticing. Luis also managed to sneak in some meditation.

Remember, Laveda is the only housemate who is safe from eviction after winning Head of House. To keep your favorite housemate in the house you need to vote. 

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