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A roar of emotions on social media – Slum King Finale

16 December 2023
Fans react with tears, cheers, and everything in between to the epic finale of Slum King.
A roar of emotions on social media – Slum King Finale

The dust has settled on the epic finale of the first season of Slum King, but the echoes of its impact are still reverberating on social media. Fans were left spellbound, hearts pounding, and emotions overflowing as the curtain fell on this gritty tale of power, ambition, and the fight for survival in the heart of Lagos's slums.

Watch the highlights here

Flowers for Tobi
Tobi's portrayal of Maje/Edafe in the finale garnered widespread acclaim from fans who flooded social media with praises. Tweets poured in, commending Tobi's outstanding performance and expressing admiration for his character.

Sapele's murderous rage
Sapele Water's venomous ambition and chilling betrayal sparked a flurry of reactions.

Imole's tear-jerking exit
The emotional death of Imole left fans reaching for tissues. Tweets flooded timelines, expressing sorrow at the character's fate and the intense moment that led to a heart-wrenching scene.

Selense and Banjo's Survival
Fans couldn't believe the unexpected twists that made it possible for Selense and Banjo to make it out alive despite their treacherous actions. 

Yagazie's Miraculous Survival
The relief was palpable as fans discovered Yagazie's survival after being carried out of a burning building unconscious. 

A finale worth the hype
The overall sentiment towards the finale was overwhelmingly positive and we found a few tweets that summed up the general feeling of satisfaction and awe.

But the story Isn't over... 
While the first season of Slum King may have concluded, a whisper of hope hangs in the air for a new season. We can all rest assured that the saga of the Slum King is far from over.