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Top five awkward shots on Shoot Your Shot - #BestOf2022

16 December 2022
They gave it their all, but it only got awkward.
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It takes a lot of guts to make that move to your crush.  Half the time you are thinking “what if I don't say the right words?" What if he/she doesn't feel the same way?" "What if I get rejected?" You are basically gambling on impulse and hoping cupid comes through for you. For some individuals who decided to take that shot at their crush on Shoot Your Shot, their attempt turned out to be everything they feared could possibly go wrong. It was shocking how their well-planned shots turned out awkward.

Here are our top five awkward shots of the year.

This date seemed to be going so well. For a moment, we thought the stars would align and our bachelor's shot would hit the mark. We were mistaken! Everything went downhill when she started asking him interview-type questions. Things became awkward the minute he started explaining what “energy” meant. It's safe to say he didn't get the same energy.

Watch the awkward date here

The second most awkward shot is from a young lady who wanted her date to be straightforward with her after she asked him to be her boyfriend. No beating around the bush. She was a big girl. She could handle it. Her date certainly took her cue and told her ‘No’ with a straight face.

Watch the brutal rejection here

Number three on our most awkward shots list came from another young lady who tried to secure her man and things didn’t go as planned. It was the look he had when she asked him to be her boyfriend for us. Watching his demeanour after being asked, you’d think she asked him for a kidney. He looked flustered as he repeated her question back to her.

Watch it for yourself here

From the start, this young man should have seen the warning flags indicating his shot would be off target. First, his date was a bit reluctant to greet him, and then there was the awkward hug. What made it worse was that he had to ask for it and you don’t ever want to be the “can I get a hug" guy. He did get the hug but, let's just say we’ve seen enemies hug themselves better (usually before stabbing one another in the back, but that’s another show).

Watch the awkward date here

This final shot captured our hearts. We were really rooting for them, but things never go the way we plan sometimes. The mood was set and both the shooter and his crush seemed to be on the same page. Unfortunately, his date wasn’t just ready to take things to that level and she didn’t know how to break it to him. She did though and it hurt. We could see it on his face.

Watch it here

Now don’t let these few cases stop you from taking that aim at your love interest. We had a lot of successful romantic shots on Shoot your Shot and it was beautiful to watch. Check out a few here. Love is a beautiful thing. Go out there and find yours and do let us know how it went. Also, check out Shoot Your Shot on Africa Magic Showcase every Sunday at 17:30 WAT to learn tips on how to make successful shots. Have a happy holiday!