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Five types of shot shooters – Shoot Your Shot

30 June 2022
Always aiming for the heart with precision and intent; meet the shooters.
types of shooters

Love is a complex game and shooting shots at your prospective love interest or crush takes skill and precision. Now it may seem like shooting shots is a pretty big deal with a lot of intricacies (which is true), but more and more people seem to be finding love or at least a semblance of it. The crowd at the marriage registries keeps increasing every week and there's always one wedding owambe party going down every weekend. Clearly, this means hopeless romantics have started perfecting the art of shooting shots and hitting their targets.

We have come a long way from people being shy about expressing how they feel and being hesitant to take daring shots at their crushes. Nowadays, people are fast letting off shots in ways best suited to them and their intended targets. To fully grasp this new wave, you have to understand the type of shot shooters that are out there.

Let's break it down. Meet the shot shooters!

The hitman

This is the ultimate shot shooter. It is always difficult to resist their advances. This person is intentional about his/her mission and once he or she has their eyes set on their target, it's game over! They maintain their stare till you start to find it difficult to match their gaze. They let you know they want you and they make sure they get you. They are smooth like that and ooze a lot of confidence. Perhaps that’s why they have a 90% accuracy shot.

The slow shooter

Ever seen a lioness stalk her prey? Exactly! They take their sweet time before they make that shot. In some cases, they are simply trying to get to know the target – and in others, they just enjoy making that slow advance before the shot. Most times, you keep wondering why the person hasn't made their move yet, and perhaps, just as you are about to give up, voila! You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal. Target down!

Reverse shooter

You ever find yourself with the love of your life and think about how you made all those moves to secure this target? Truth is you really didn’t take that shot. The real shooter strategically puts things in place to enable you to take your shot. Sure, you might have convinced yourself you shot the shot, but the truth is you had already been shot. Did you run into your crush at the party and think you got lucky? No! Your crush knew you’d be there and decided to come through to take that shot.

‘Use a go-between’ Shooter

These types of shot shooters are counting on someone to reel the prey in. Most times, you find them using a go-between; maybe the love interest’s best friend, sibling, or parent. They often rely on this person to close the gap to ensure shot accuracy. Once in target range, it's gbam!

‘Let the money do the shooting’ Shooter

Not much needs to be said about this shooter. It’s really all about the Benjamins. The success of this shooter depends on how much the intended target is into items of monetary value. If the person really is, then the success rate is pretty high. Shooters in this category understand that the way to the heart is through cash gifts and they maximize it to the fullest.

Even though there has been a spike in people being served breakfast, we love that it hasn’t deterred love-struck people from taking their shots. The shots are flying off on all sides. Some successful, some, just a bit off the target.

If you are also looking for tips to help you with your shots, then tune in to Shoot Your Shot every Sunday on AM Showcase CH 151 at 5:30pm WAT. Get to meet young lovers who have decided to get bolder and more intentional about taking shots