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April in Cupid’s cave – Shoot Your Shot

30 April 2021
We look back at how Cupid performed this April.
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Bisola and the Shoot Your Shot team have been working overtime to ensure that Cupid pulls out all the stops to get ‘crushers’ and ‘crushees’ all loved up this April. From the first to the last week, these are the moments the bow-and-arrow man served us.

Frederick and Blessing

Mixologist and resident admirer Frank brought out his heart and squeezed its contents, oozing feels for Blessing, who as he put it, may or may not be in a relationship. The reasons he decided to shoot his shot were obvious: Blessing is beautiful and looked like she could handle a guy like him. 

So Bisola and the team brought out their building blocks and created the perfect setting for Fred to throw it out there – and bros did, sha! Unfortunately for him, Blessing said no, as she thought the connection wasn’t there. Ouch!

Rhema and Sanni

Beauty queen and entrepreneur, Rhema met her potential match on the Gram and thought ‘wow!’ But bros didn’t drive the point home, so homegirl decided to take hold of the wagon and shoot her shot. Single and ready to mingle with her crush, Rhema rang the alarm and Bisola and the team responded.

After being hit by Cupid’s shot, Sanni kinda lost some cool when he laid eyes on Rhema and for a moment, roles were reversed because he seemed eager to shoot his shot. Things did take a bit of an ‘ehhh’ turn when Sanni revealed that he was a serial flirt. But all was not lost because Rhema got her YES! It is well, o!

Bamitefa and Eniola

Bami the entertainer summoned Cupid’s elenco to help him overcome his reluctance and finally tell his crush how he really feels about her. After years of knowing each other, Bami felt Eniola was the one and wanted to give ‘them’ a shot.

Though Bami did not quite fit Eni’s idea of an ‘ideal man’, he was able to lay his intentions on the ground, and sweet Eniola gave him a chance. This ep was particularly special because Eni really showed emotion during her pre-date conversation with Bisola, and we’re glad it was a yes.

Two yeses and a single no, that’s no bad arrow man! Shoot Your Shoot is still on your screens every Sunday at 5:30 pm on AM Showcase, and will certainly bring us many great match-ups.