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All the times cupid hit the target – Shoot Your Shot

16 December 2020
We look at all the “yes” moments on the show that made everyone wish they had cupid on speed dial.
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Bia, we’ve got a bone to pick with you lot. E no be love that you are looking for, abi? Has it not been your prayer point since? Well, the following ladies and gent swallowed scoops of pride, and allowed our team to conspire with Cupid – and guess what? They got “Boo’d Up” or whatever Ella Mai said. Oya, here’s how they did it.

Be my Jessica❤️

First to walk us down ‘Yes Avenue’ were aspiring chefs Obinna and Jessica who met at a culinary competition. E be clear that Obinna forgot what was at steak (see what we did there😉) at the time and focused his gaze on Jessica’s beaming smile. Needless to say, bros couldn’t house all those butterflies anymore and decided to bring Shoot Your Shot on board to help him express his feelings. After a bit of a back and forth about Obinna’s supposed “side chicks” (Yes o, e be plural), Jessica decided to give it a shot and served Obinna a big, fat “YES”!

I’m Eddie, pleased to meet you!

Contrary to popular belief, ladies appreciate the chase too o! As put by the vine herself, the one thing that made Eddie that much more appealing was the fact that unlike other men, he almost completely didn’t notice her. We must say, however, that it was a bit awkward initially when Eddie couldn’t remember meeting Matilda, but things quickly took a sweet turn when mans couldn’t stop apologising for missing her DMs and mentioned just how beautiful she is. Needless to say, Eddie said “yes’ to fine geh Matilda and commended Shoot Your Shot for such an interesting platform. Two birds, eh?!

The “Yes” in Emeka!

First of all, homegirl wasted absolutely no time about this. She literally dove into the deep end and hoped Emeka would throw her a floating noodle; and that he did. So, turns out Emeka had been throwing hints about liking Lilian, but mans just wasn’t clear about the type of ‘like’, and that obviously didn’t sit well with our gold-headed damsel. To sort it all out, Shoot Your Shot was brought into the mix. As we said, Lilian went straight in with the shot and almost got a “no” when Emeka made mention of his current “situationship”, but with some Bisola magic, Emeka saw the light and decided to give things a go. Not without a stern warning, though. Osheeee!

We still have a couple more episodes to go till we know how we fared as matchmakers, but these three blossoming cases prove just how possible it is to bae up in non-conventional ways. With that said, tune in to #AMShootYourShot every Sunday evening at 18:30 on AM Showcase for your dose of reality and romance.