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Ripples: The New Generation

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Ripples receives rave reviews

24 June 2023
As the story unfolds, social media is ablaze with discussions about the incredible performances and the nostalgic feeling of seeing our beloved actors back on the screen.
Rave reviews Ripples

Ripples (The New Generation) sent waves of excitement through the hearts of fans during its premiere. The revival of this beloved series brought back legendary Nollywood icons and introduced new characters, once again reigniting the flame of nostalgia in the hearts of fans. Social media became abuzz with heartfelt messages, GIFs, and lively discussions, all celebrating the timeless talent and captivating return of Ripples.

Let's dive into the social media reception of Ripples and celebrate the remarkable actors who continue to steal our hearts.

A nostalgic homecoming
From the legendary Alex Usifo to the incomparable Barbara Soky, the presence of these esteemed actors in Ripples (The New Generation) has ignited a sense of nostalgia among fans. Their return to the screen reminds us of the golden era of Nigerian cinema. As social media buzzes with excitement, fans share heartfelt messages, expressing their joy at seeing these greats grace our screens once again.

Talab Abass is a fave
In the realm of Ripples, Alex Usifo shines brightly as he portrays the character of Talab Abass. With impeccable acting skills and an undeniable on-screen presence, Usifo brings Talab Abass to life in the most captivating way. Fans have fallen head over heels for this beloved character, drawn to the commanding presence and nuanced performance that Usifo effortlessly delivers. 

Vine Olugu: From Dilemma to Ripples
Another standout star in Ripples is Vine Olugu, known for his role as Kanan in the popular drama series Dilemma on Africa Magic. Embracing a new character in Ripples, Olugu's talent continues to shine, captivating fans once again. Despite the transition, fans affectionately address him as Kanan, a testament to the impact he made in his previous role.


A shower of love for the cast
While the spotlight shines on Alex Usifo and Vine Olugu, let's not forget the other stars who are receiving their fair share of love on Ripples (The New Generation). Each member of the talented cast brings their unique charm and skill to the series, contributing to the rich tapestry of storytelling. 

The drama, and action of Ripples (The New Generation) can be experienced every Wednesday at 9 pm WAT on DStv Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151. Make sure you tune in.