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Doris' battle against a hostile takeover – Ripples

26 August 2023
Doris' decision to seek relief from her oil empire led her to Talab Abass, her trusted uncle—or so she thought.
Doris battle

As the CEO of DP Oil, Doris had contemplated a fresh start with her love, unburdened by the weight of her business. Little did she know that this decision would lead her down a treacherous path of manipulation and deceit.

Talab Abass and the takeover scheme
Seeking a way out, Doris turned to her uncle, Talab Abass, for help in managing her oil company. In her trust, she handed over the reins of the business to him, unaware of the ulterior motives that lurked beneath the surface. Talab's intentions were far from noble, as he used Doris' trust to orchestrate a hostile takeover, manipulating her into giving him her shares and effectively becoming the majority holder.

Doris' betrayal and company takeover
As the pieces fell into place, Doris found herself walking into a meeting she hadn't anticipated. The shock on her face was palpable as she discovered that Talab had cleverly voted her off the board and positioned himself as the new CEO. In the blink of an eye, her company was wrested from her control, leaving her standing on the sidelines, deceived and betrayed.

Watch the betrayal

Loopholes unveiled
While the lawyer insisted that the takeover was executed legally and with Doris' consent, an unexpected twist emerged. Doris had signed away her shares, but the fine print held a crucial secret. The takeover plan had failed to account for the fact that the shares she transferred were not hers to give. Due to the timing of the will reading, her ownership of those shares had not yet taken effect. Doris realized that the shares she had surrendered were never Talab's to claim. With the revelation of this loophole, the agreements she had made with Talab were rendered null and void. Doris was once again the rightful owner of her company.

Watch Doris get her company back

A warning to the would-be schemer
But Doris wasn't content with mere victory. She confronted Talab with a fiery resolve, warning him against any future attempts to sabotage her business. In a final show of strength, she hinted at exposing the fragile state of his finances, a threat that resonated. She made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate to destroy him if he dared to cross her path again.

Yet, the game of greed and power was far from over. Talab was not one to back down easily, and Doris knew it. With her company and reputation at stake, will Doris emerge victorious once again, or will Talab's greed prove insurmountable? The tale is far from over, and we are left eager to see how Doris faces the impending storms and whether she truly holds the power to swim with the sharks.

To witness the thrilling continuation of Doris' story and her ongoing battle against manipulation and betrayal, tune in to "Ripples" every Wednesday at 9 pm WAT on DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151.