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Mayday, Oyomere is under siege! – Riona

24 June 2021
... and this is what’s happening.
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For as long as memory stretches, Ogiame has dug himself deep, dark pits and earned himself countless enemies from both his house of chiefs and the Ireale he’s despised for as long as he’s been, king. Now, however, the ancient wheel has gained momentum on a different course and instead of glory, the soon-to-be former king chests ridicule and flees from spearheads with his name engraved on them. From the revelation of the supernatural stone to the king’s dethroning, this is what has become of Oyomere.

The throne is empty

It was nothing formal. Nothing that the gods themselves left on ancient tablets. Migan, with the aid of Chief Omereyon planted sour seeds in the ears of the neighbouring low-borns and played architect for the king’s total overthrowal. As things stand, Migan and his family are running around like headless chickens, apprehending all the royals and hunting for Ogiame’s head. Even the king that was long ordained by the gods themselves, Prince Aghan, is on the run. Oyomere is without a leader.

No spiritual counsel

Both Arenyeka and Atigbi have disappeared into thin air. There is no spiritual body to read the lines of the gods and be their mouthpiece. Ambition, greed and blind conquest are the things that drive the sun up in the morning, and the moon in the evening.

Edomi’s redemption

Despite the sky being completely grey when It comes to the land’s spiritual mediums, Edomi has been redeemed from his plague of fear. While he and Agbeyegbe walked the woods while trying to return to Oyomere, a spirit appeared to them and reunited him with his seer strength.

Agbeyegbe, a god again!

Just as it happened for Edonmi, Agbeyegbe spoke his truth while in the presence of the medium and in confession how he drove a wedge between the brothers of Oyomere by meddling in human affairs all those generations ago, his own strength and identity was restored. He is now able to hold the stone by placing a barrier between it and his human hands. A giant leap for both the gods and humankind, wouldn’t you say?  

Now, judging by Ogiame’s superiority complex even in his current situation, the war is far from over. More blood will be shed before any order is restored on Oyomere. Another unfortunate detail is that not all the chiefs involved in dethroning the king are aligned with the details of the prophecy as each one wants to fill their own barn. We foresee a massacre much bloodier than that of the moon.

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