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If walls could talk – Riona

12 February 2021
If walls could talk, this is how they would counsel King Ofotokun.
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Some say that walls have ears and can see beyond what the naked human eye can perceive. So, if they could indeed talk, this is what they would say to Ogiame, the great king of Oyomere Kingdom.

Live by, die by

Having been born into kingship and destined to rule, Ogiame’s trajectory was already planned, penned and carved by the gods. Just like his father, his father’s father and the father before him, his reign was meant to end with the birth of a new king. Upon hearing a prophecy that hadn’t even been confirmed by the gods and the kingdom’s spiritual advisor, Ogiame’s hunger for more power spiraled out control, resulting in him ordering the mass killing of all infants and unborn babies on the day of the dark moon. If walls could talk, they’d remind him: by the sword with which he lives and maintains his reign, by the sword he shall die.

No honour, no authority   

Judging by his most recent acts of carelessness, Ogiame seems to have forgotten that he rules by the mercies of the gods. It is indeed his voice that both the low and high borns of Oyomere hear, but it is the gods that give final council. Despite the massacre taking the cup, Ogiame’s decision to sentence Chief Ofor to death by his own hand (simply because he sought to correct his crooked ways) was not only cruel, but it was an act that lacked honour. Since that occurrence, various parts of the kingdom have gone into an uproar and have begun questioning the king’s ability to rule. If the walls in the king’s chambers could so much as utter a word, they’d remind him that his lack of honour has had the gods take away his authority over the people. What he remains with now is the crown, nothing more!

Each man with his own wife

Of all of the above, Amaju’s death is about the most shocking of the king’s acts. Despite the abundance of unmarried women amongst the high borns of Oyomere kingdom, and the existence of a number of concubines, Ogiame decided to betray one of his most loyal subjects by sentencing him to an end-all battle with another one of his men, Tsema. These two men were friends in battle, and brothers out of the field, but the king insisted that they fight until one of them took his last breath. Poor Amaju lost not only his life but his wife. If walls could offer counsel, they’d remind the king that each man is to have his own wife, and not take another’s. 

The end is near 

While the king continues to plot and dig burial pits for his enemies, the rest of the kingdom is growing weary of him, and warriors are being trained in preparation for his doom. Contrary to what he may believe, a lot of children were kept in hiding and managed to escape the sword on the day of the dark moon, and one of them will be responsible for pushing the dagger into his heart and claim victory for his people. If walls could converse, they’d tell the King that his end is near.

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