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A sensational quest begins – Overall Best

04 March 2024
The dance floor sizzled, the music quiz was intense, and the treasure hunt added a dash of mystery as the battle for Overall Best begins.
A sensational quest begins – Overall Best

The stage was set, the excitement palpable as the quest for the Overall Best title kicked off with an electrifying energy. Stunning hosts Osas Ighodaro and Hero Daniels welcomed viewers to a night filled with vibrant performances, intense competition, and a whole lot of fun.

Meet the teams vying for glory
Two teams, primed and ready to conquer the challenges, were introduced. Team Litty, a dynamic duo featuring the talented dancer Liquorose and the captivating Beauty Tukura, promised fierce competition. Team Vibes, a team brimming with personality, consisted of the energetic VJ Adams and the charismatic Aproko Doctor.

Renowned judges ensure a fair fight
Adding their expertise to the mix were the esteemed judges for the evening, including Nigerian dance icon and Guinness World Record holder Kaffy, alongside Tinsel TV show stars Ibrahim Suleiman and Bukky. With such a stellar lineup, expectations were high, and the teams were gearing up for the challenge.

The competition heats up
The night erupted in energy with a captivating dance-off. Both teams showcased their stunning moves and mesmerizing choreography, leaving the audience stunned and begging for more. It was a visual spectacle that set the tone for the night.

Music knowledge on display
Moving on to the next phase, the teams faced a music quiz session. Rapid-fire questions about Nigerian music came their way, and the teams had to prove their knowledge by identifying tunes quickly. The tension was palpable, but the contestants handled the quiz with grace and expertise.

The treasure hunt thrill
The grand finale of the evening was the treasure hunt, a stage that truly tested the teams' wit and determination. The quest for that metaphorical pot of gold had everyone on the edge of their seats as the teams scoured for clues and raced against time.

Team Litty claims victory... for now!
After an evening filled with exhilarating performances, intense competition, and laughter, Team Litty emerged victorious, claiming the #AMOverallBest title for this episode. Their combined talent and fierce determination proved to be a winning formula.

Watch highlights of the episode

However, the quest for the #AMOverallBest title is far from over. Stay tuned for more exciting challenges, captivating performances, and a whole lot of fun as the remaining teams battle it out to be crowned the ultimate Overall Best!