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The Irabors Forever After airs on Africa Magic Urban

14 November 2023
An exciting tale that looks into the life of Betty and Soni Irabor.
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Spending forty years married to your person is everyone's dream, and Betty and Soni Irabor do it effortlessly. 💕

In Soni's words," People don't believe love is real, but I believe love is real, and I insist on expressing that desire." Soni's longing to showcase his feelings for his wife had us all gushing when The Irabors Forever After premiered on Africa Magic Urban on 5 November 2023. 

The Irabors Forever After focuses on love and friendship as it seeks to give the viewers a look into the marriage, life, and relationship of one of Nigeria's leading celebrity couples, Betty and Soni Irabor.

The show also introduces us to the personalities of lovebirds Betty and Soni. Besides being blessed with two beautiful children, Betty and Soni Irabor are more than their magical love story. The playful Betty Irabor is a keynote speaker, author, media personality, philanthropist, publisher, entrepreneur, and a fun-loving lover of pink. Her dashing, witty husband, Soni, loves life and is a happy-go-lucky person who dabbles in various fields. 

To catch up with Betty and Soni's beautiful life and escapades, watch The Irabors Forever After every Sunday on Africa Magic Urban at 20:00 WAT, with repeats on Tuesdays at 16:30 WAT.