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Meet your Top 4 Nigerian Idol stars – Nigerian Idol

01 July 2024
Drama, music and romance make it to the Nigerian Idol stage in the 6th Live Show.
Nigerian Idol S9

Episode 11 of Nigerian Idol was nothing short of spectacular, and if we had to sum it up in one word, it would be ‘Incredible.’ This isn't just because Mr. Incredible himself, M.I. Abaga, graced us with his presence. From a surprise proposal to dazzling performances, this episode had it all.

The theme for this episode was 'Doubling Up the Music,' where contestants had to perform two songs each: an unplugged version of a Nigerian hit and an R&B track. The night began with a twist following Maio’s eviction after over 40 million votes were recorded. It was a tough farewell indeed, with 9ice expressing his desire to collaborate with Maio on an album after the show. Omawumi encouraged him, stating that the sky is his starting point and he had all the tools he needed to succeed down this path, with Ric and M.I. also sharing their positive thoughts about Maio’s journey.

This week, the judges refrained from their usual commentary and had to wait until each contestant had performed their two songs before giving their feedback. Host IK Osakioduwa had a major announcement: there will be a double elimination next week, raising the stakes even higher.

Amid the intense competition, the episode was also marked by a romantic surprise. During the special Ad Break Idol segment, hosted by IK for the studio audience, audience member Jayford was invited to perform. His performance turned into a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Rose, and she said yes! Following #CHIVIDO24 and  #CRAZYABOUTUS24, IK in good spirits bestowed upon them a hashtag for their upcoming nuptials, tagging it #JoRo. The proposal added an extra layer of excitement and emotion to the evening.

Now, let’s dive into the performances of our top 4 contestants, along with some interesting facts about the songs they chose:

Chima started the night with "Essence" by Wizkid and Tems. Released in 2020, "Essence" became the first Nigerian song in history to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The lingering effects of last week’s training with Kaffy were evident as Chima swayed and grooved, delivering another fantastic performance. His second song, "Through the Fire" by Chaka Khan, is a classic from 1984 that has been covered by numerous artists and was a massive hit that highlighted Chaka Khan's incredible vocal range and did the same for Chima. Omawumi remarked that he is his only competition, constantly surpassing himself. Ric continued his friendly ‘hate’, expressing his frustration at how his performance is always flawless, and even 9ice was full of admiration.

Watch Chima perform 'Essence' by Wizkid

Lammy took the stage with "Olufunmi" by Style Plus, a Nigerian R&B classic released in 2003 that quickly became a fan favourite for its heartfelt lyrics and smooth harmonies. IK joked about Lammy's age and if he was even born when the song came out all in good cheer. His second song, "Ordinary People" by John Legend, was a single from Legend’s 2013 album "Love in the Future," known for its raw emotion and beautiful arrangement. The judges noted a few flaws but appreciated his heartfelt connection to the music. Lammy admitted that he got caught up in his feelings during his first performance.

Watch Lammy perform 'Olufunmi' by Styl Plus

Mira Clear performed "Baby Riddim" by Fave, a recent hit from 2021 that showcases the rising star's unique blend of Afrobeat and R&B. Her second performance was "Broken-Hearted Girl" by Beyoncé, a powerful ballad from the 2008 album "I Am... Sasha Fierce," which explores themes of heartbreak and resilience. Omawumi applauded her determination and bold choice. Ric started with his famous phrase, "Mira Mira on the wall," and praised her stunning look and performance. 9ice also commended her, saying her talent is ‘as clear as a miracle’.

Watch Mira Clear perform 'Baby Riddim' by Fave

Chioma delivered a show-stopping performance with "Hard to Find" by Chike, a 2021 song featuring Flavour that became an instant favourite for its catchy tune and romantic lyrics. Her second song, "Man Down" by Rihanna, from the 2010 album "Loud," tells a dramatic story of regret and conflict with its reggae-inspired beat. Ric humorously suggested that whatever she ate today, she should eat it again next week, because she nailed it! The judges unanimously agreed that Chioma had the best performance of the evening, showering her with praise.

Watch Chioma perform 'Hard to Find' by Chike

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