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Top 7 emerges as Constance bids the show farewell – Nigerian Idol

12 June 2023
It’s the end of the road for Constance and a night of celebration for D’banj and the Top 7.
Nigerian Idol

Constance said goodbye to her fans and viewers of Nigerian Idol as she got the least amount of Votes the previous week and was ultimately Eliminated.
The night started with an outstanding group performance by the Top 8 of the song ‘Fela in Versace’ by late South African star AKA. After the performance, IK introduced us to what will be an amazing episode.

After a little banter with the Judges, IK confirmed only one Contestant was going to be Eliminated. In the audience were also past winners of Nigerian Idol Season 6 and Season 7 winners Progress and Kingsom who were introduced to the audience by IK. Speaking about his journey to fame Progress mentioned he has enjoyed life as a winner and was enjoying the process of becoming a great artiste. 

A few minutes into the show, Chisom was revealed as the first Contestant to be saved from Elimination. His performance and those of other Contestants opened with a pre-recorded quiz session with Season 7 winner Progress. The questions were centred around the artists and songs they were to perform. So Chisom answered questions relating to  Rema.
His performance of ‘Holiday’ by Rema was praised by the Judges including Simi who also mentioned that she wanted him to do more as they are all aware now that he had the ‘Vibe’.

Chisom: 'Holiday' by Rema

The next Contestant to be announced as safe was Goodness who then went on to give a performance of ‘Ku Lo Sa’ by Oxlade. Her performance was also praised by the Judges with a call for her to do more.

Goodness: 'Ku Lo Sa' by Oxlade

Quest was set free from tension after she was announced as the next Contestant to perform and she went on to perform ‘Paradise Road’ by South African female group Joy. Her rendition was praised by all three Judges who felt the song really went well with her voice. Obi specifically mentioned that she had found whatever she was looking for. This was a wordplay on her stage name, Quest.

Quest: 'Paradise Road' by Joy

Ose Daniel came up next with a performance of ‘Zombie’ by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. His performance got him a standing ovation from D’banj and Obi while Simi praised him for giving an outstanding performance. 

Ose Daniel: 'Zombie' by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

The next Contestant to be announced as safe by IK was Savy Henry who went on to give a performance of ‘Jailer’ by Asa. The Judges all agreed that the performance was a good one. Simi, however, pointed out that Savy Henry was playing too safe with his song choice and performances and it was very vital that he realised he was in a competition. 

Savy Henry: 'Jailer' by Asa

Victory came up next with a performance of ‘Prisoner’ by Lucky Dube. His performance was well received by the Judges and when asked about his song choice he responded by saying he could not get past the name of the greatest African Ragae singer when he saw it on the list of songs. 

Victory: 'Prisoner' by Lucky Dube

After Victory’s performance, Constance and Precious Mac were the only Contestants left in the lounge. Who was going to make it through and who would make it to Top 7?
After a little tense moment, Precious Mac was announced as the final singer to perform for the night and she lit up the stage with her rendition of ‘Umqombothi’ by Yvonne Chaka Chaka. 

Precious Mac: 'Umqombothi' by Yvonne Chaka Chaka

The night ended with a surprise birthday celebration for D’banj. A cake was provided on stage while Kingdom and Progress performed Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’. The kokomaster was so excited by this and joined them on stage where he gave a few steps of his own.
Join us next Sunday as e feast on more great music and entertainment. 

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