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Solo Performances beckon as battle for Top 10 heats up! – Nigerian Idol

15 May 2023
29 contenders have made it through Theatre Week’s grueling duet round.
Nigerian Idol

Last night, the 60 Contenders who were able to sing their way past the first round of Theatre Week, had to face the challenge of bonding with a duet partner and delivering an amazing performance within a short space of time. 

The night started on a positive note as Amaka and Sir Danny gave an outstanding performance of ‘Shekere’ by Yemi Alade featuring Angelique Kidjo. Both duet partners moved on to the next round of Theatre Week. Dozie and Elita who were next on stage were not as lucky. Right from their rehearsal, the two struggled to blend, and just could not stop singing over each other. They both, unfortunately, did not get the Judges’ approval to go through and crashed out of Nigerian Idol.

The duet round continued with more contenders and their duet partners faltering. Festus and Joshua, Alfred and Nma, plus Chris Shokoya and Japhet, all took a bow after failing to get the approval of the Judges with their performances.

A ray of sunshine soon came as Daniel and Mina caught the attention of the Judges with their performance. Mina’s twin, Mura, was not so lucky as he and his partner Oscar were critiqued for focusing more on their performance and not doing enough to sing their selected song.

One twin makes it, the other crashes out

Theatre Week continued with more contenders sent home while their duet partners were given the chance to move through to the next round. Somi, Constellar, Ruby, and Sandeevah Musiq were all given the sad news that they couldn’t continue in the competition. However, their partners Precious Mac, Reigny, Constance and Quest, all made it through.

This was especially heartbreaking for Quest who had developed a bond with her duet partner. She teared up after their performance, explaining that she had expected a different outcome.

The duet rounds continued with more hopefuls going home. The duet pair of Abimbola and Benphilips, plus Big Nate and Lani did not impress our Judges – and all said goodbye to the competition. 

Theatre Week duet disasters

Finally, the pair of Abraham and Ose Daniel was able to win the Judges over with their performance of ‘Ginger’ by Wizkid featuring Burnaboy. They both moved on to the next round of Theatre Week and opened the door for more duet partners to go through. These were; Arite and Soultunes, Amb Lawrence and Busayo, as well as Maio and Yella.

The duet round finally came to an end with the amazing performances of the duet pairs of Chisom and Goodness, and Eloehi with her partner Victory.

Last night’s episode ended with the Judges giving sound advice to the 29 contenders who made it through to the next round of Theatre Week. Obi Asika made it clear talent was not enough and a lot of hard work goes into being the best in the music business. 

One step closer to the Live Show

Here’s how #NigerianIdols fans reacted to the duet rounds

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Tune in next week to see which of these budding stars eventually cracks the Top 10 and makes it to our Live Shows.

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