Seven things to look forward to – Nigerian Idol

23 March 2021
Ready or not, here it comes!
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There’s excitement in the air as the eagerly anticipated premiere of Nigerian Idol Season 6 draws closer after a five-year break. Featuring an impressive line-up of amazing (and some not-so-amazing👀) singers who are all on a quest to become Naija’s next singing superstar, Nigerian Idol is about to dominate your Sunday night viewing.

Can’t wait for the official kick-off? Neither can we! Here's what to expect when Nigerian Idol makes its big return this Sunday at 6pm on DStv CH 198 and GOtv CH 29.

The amazing talent

A show of this magnitude is all about shining a spotlight on talented singers with phenomenal voices. This season will feature some of the best talents Nigeria has to offer. Get ready for some phenomenal performances over the next few weeks, #IdolsFam!

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A state-of-the-art set

No expense was spared in providing the best available performance facilities. From a stunning set design with quality lighting and an impressive sound system to other sophisticated musical equipment, the entire Nigerian Idol set promises an extraordinary experience for the contestants and fans alike.

Straight-talking judges

Obi Asika, Seyi Shay and DJ Sose are sitting at the judges' table this season – and one thing is certain: they will be giving the contestants their honest (sometimes brutal) opinions about their performances. Occasionally the verdicts may sting a little (it is a singing competition after all) but the goal is to help the contestants become better performers. Think of it as tough love. Hopefully, our stars-in-waiting will learn from the judges’ comments and improve where they need to since their fate on the show will depend on it.

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Funny moments

Anything can happen on Nigerian Idol – and that’s the beauty of a show like this: the talent, spontaneity and most importantly, the humour! Since the season 6 auditions began airing on DStvNg CH 198 and GOtvNg CH 29, we've seen some funny moments that have had us in fits of laughter – and the good news is, there will be more where that came from. More amusing antics and drama from our judges and contestants during the show? Yes, please!

Amazing guest performances

Will there be celebrity guest features and performances, you ask? The answer is a resounding “YES!” We can’t say for certain who our guests will be. All we will say is buckle up and get ready for some pretty epic made-for-tv moments on that Nigerian Idol live stage.

Fan Love

Given the present pandemic, there, unfortunately, won’t be any fans in the studio who will be cheering the contestants on, but that won’t stop fans from showering their faves with love! So far from the auditions, many of our Nigerian Idol hopefuls are already amassing an army of supporters, and the signs are there that they won't be lacking in fan adoration as the show goes on. Want to shower your faves with love too? Click here

The crowning of our Nigerian Idol

The wait might be long, but it will certainly be worth it in the end when we crown Nigeria’s newest music sensation! Who will it be?

As a brand-new season of Nigerian Idol starts on March 28th, we dare say it’s going to be lit. Tell a friend to tell a friend. 

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