Get that Golden Ticket! – Nigerian Idol

26 November 2020
Make sure you have the perfect Nigerian Idols audition to make the judges and Naija fall in love at first note by following these simple steps.
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Do you have the talent, the charm and the will to become Naija's next superstar? As the musical gods would have it, the opportunity of a lifetime is upon you; Nigerian Idols auditions are open! This could be your moment to make your wildest dreams come true, so we want to make sure that your moment is perfect and that you get that Golden Ticket!


Your Voice

1. Rest your voice a day before recording your audition.

2. Do vocal warm-ups for 30 minutes before recording. Think of it this way; you are Usain Bolt right before the 100m at the 2016 Olympics. Are you going to break world records without stretching? Not a chance!

Song Choice

3. Choose a song you know, enjoy and that shows off your unique voice. If you are a Tracy Chapman, do not choose a Whitney Houston song and vice-versa. We cannot stress the importance of knowing the song you've chosen, you should be able to sing every lyric with the right dictation and intonation in your sleep.

5. Find the song that shows off your amazing voice and your ability to connect with not only the music, but the audience too. Once you've interpreted the song make sure you can bring your interesting interpretation across.

Give us a Performance

6. Take us on a journey by connecting with the audience (judges) behind the camera. Connect with the camera lens by engaging your eyes, facial expression and body language. 

7. Your audition needs to stand out, make sure to let out that star presence like you've never let it out before. Your performance must tell a story and this needs you to act. Show us your musical storytelling by making sure your performance resonates with the audience behind the camera.

The Video Recording

8. Whether you've found a stage or you're in your bedroom, make the environment work as hard as your voice is by making sure the setting is perfect.

9. Find good light – a real Idol knows where all the good lighting angles are 😉 

10. Watch yourself. In fact, send the video to people whose opinion you trust and hear them out. Make sure that you take as many takes as you need until you have the Golden Ticket audition. Remember the judges can rewind a pre-recorded audition, unlike a live audition, so ensure it's perfect from the first note.

Enter NOW!

Auditions open on the 29th November 2020 and close on the 13th December 2020. We can't wait to be blown away by your stunning voices as you enter the biggest season of Nigerian Idol. Keep it locked on our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest details.