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The curious case of Papa Benji – My Siblings and I

31 March 2022
Beneath his tough exterior, there is an overly protective side to Papa Benji.
Benji MSI

Papa Benji is the loyal driver of the Aderugbas, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Apart from always being involved in everyone's affairs and giving life lessons he wasn't asked for, Papa Benji is a devoted father who sometimes becomes quite overbearing and overly protective of his daughter. There are several instances that lend credence to this, and we explore a few of them.

The time his daughter took up dancing

He was pretty enraged about this, saying no daughter of his was going to become a dancer. He didn’t see the point of this and took it upon himself to make sure his daughter didn’t follow that career path. In fact, on one occasion, while trying to stop her from attending dance classes, Papa Benji got into it with a bouncer. Needless to say, his altercation with the bouncer didn’t go exactly how he had planned.

Watch Papa Benji tussle with a bouncer

It took the help of a professional dancer to convince Papa Benji to give his daughter a chance to fulfill her dream of dancing.

The time Samson used his daughter’s name in a song

Samson isn’t exactly known for making great music and no one really pays attention to him, but on this occasion, something about his new song caught the attention of Papa Benji. Well, it wasn’t really the melody of the song, but the name he mentioned and what he wanted to do to the person. It went something like this… “Susanna, I wanna get down with you…” Turns out Papa Benji’s daughter’s name is Susan and he wasn’t going to stand idly by while Samson used her name with the nastiest of intent. He had to set him straight.

There’s this hit song that goes “Ah finesse, if I broke na my business… Folake for the night…” We wonder what Papa Benji would have done to the artist if it was ‘Susan’ he used in place of ‘Folake’.

Watch Samson and Papa Benji get into it.

When Angela was home alone with a guy

Papa Benji’s overprotectiveness doesn’t just end with his daughter. It also extends to Angela, his boss’s daughter. On coming home to spot her alone with a young man in the house, his Spidey sense went off and he decided to give them the third degree. Even though Angela told him her mum was aware she had a male visitor over, he just couldn’t come to terms with it. He kept snooping just to make sure there was no funny business.

Watch here

Even though his daughter and the rest of the house find this overbearing side of him annoying, this is what makes him special and endearing. Beneath the tough exterior and high-handedness, he is just really a man who cares about people dear to him, and unfortunately, he has a pretty weird way of showing it.

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