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My Siblings And I


The Aberuagba’s mystery child — My Siblings and I

25 January 2021
All hell let loose as a surprise visitor drops the most unexpected news in the Aberuagba household.
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The first episode of the third season launched with a bang as it was filled with laughter, fun and family drama from your favourite TV family. Just as Nnenna, James and Angela were bonding over jokes and small ‘amebo’ in the house, they had an unanticipated guest stop by the house, claiming to be one of the Aberuagba children.

Amina Aberuagba didn’t only come into the family with the loudest confidence, she also came ready to take her place in her ‘new home’, or so she thought. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Mr Samson and Mrs Aberuagba were not present while the chaos was ongoing at home.

While Mr Nnamdi, Mr Ubong, Angela, James, Nnenna and Dave were clearly not interested in having Amina become a part of the famil (well, she didn’t make it easy for them to like her), Stanley put on his elder son’s hat and tried to rectify the situation lowkey.

All means to inform Mr Samson Aberuagba before coming into the house to meet the situation on ground proved abortive. Watch how the Aberuagba’s received this shocking news in the first episode of My Siblings and I.

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