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The misadventures of Chief Donatus and Titus – My Flatmates

24 June 2023
With an erroneous slip further complicating matters, their attempts to resolve the situation take an unexpected and hilarious turn.
Donatus and Titus misadventures

Chief Donatus finds himself in a pickle when he realizes that Bonquisha possesses some rather compromising videos of him. Desperate for a solution, he turns to the ever-eager Titus, a self-proclaimed expert in covert operations (or so he thinks). With the promise of a modest sum of Five Thousand Naira, Titus jumps at the chance to prove his worth in a mission that could rival the excitement of a diluted "Mission Impossible." But before Titus embarks on his daring quest, he shares the top-secret details with his trusted confidante, Prosper.

The "Mission Impossible" Twist
The stage is set for their grand operation. Titus, armed with nothing more than his wits and a cunning plan, sets foot in Bonquisha's office. With a flimsy excuse about needing to make an urgent phone call, Titus gains access to the treacherous device housing the incriminating video. Sweating with anticipation, he embarks on a digital scavenger hunt, determined to erase all traces of Chief Donatus's misfortune. But here's the kicker: Titus conveniently forgets that deleting a video on an Apple gadget isn't as simple as pressing a button. Oh, no! It requires the extra step of purging it from the Recycle Bin, a step that Titus blissfully overlooks.

The Cat's Out of the Bag
Initially, all seems well in their topsy-turvy world. Titus revels in the newfound riches of his hard-earned fee, blissfully unaware of the impending storm. However, things take an unexpected turn when Prosper, feeling a tad unappreciated, spills the beans on Titus's less-than-generous tip. As if the situation couldn't get any funnier, Bonquisha seizes the opportunity to confront Chief Donatus and gleefully announces that the video is still lurking in her Recycle Bin. Cue the collective gasps and chuckles! With their grand plan crumbling before their eyes, Chief Donatus is left grappling for a refund while Titus sheepishly admits he has already squandered the fee.

Watch the misadventure here

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