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Wahala no dey finish – My Flatmates

31 March 2022
They say ‘Wahala no dey finish’ and Frank is finding out how true this statement is.
Frank Flatmates

For Frank, coming back home after months of being away should ideally feel like a soldier returning home from battle. You are welcomed by the warm embrace of a loved one(s) and firm handshakes from friends who happily tease you about your looks and all you missed while you were away. That wasn't the case when he returned. Turns out the drama he took time away from never ended. In fact, it was waiting at the door to receive him as he made his way into the flat.

Home not so sweet home

Thrilled as they were to see him, it only took seconds for Chief Donatus and Obus to go off on Frank. Both guys had been nursing a grievance towards Frank because of his fiancée. It's no news that there has been an unending feud between them and Mimi, Frank's lady love. Things got heated when she paid the house rent and started calling the shots, leaving the guys at her mercy. Their pride got the best of them as they couldn't concede they had no leverage in their own house, and that they had gone from being tenants to squatters in their own home. The months of quarrels with Mimi did not help; and who did they blame for her effrontery? Frank! No wonder they immediately turned on him the moment he arrived. So much for coming back to a ‘home sweet home’.

I do, but under certain conditions

It might be the time away from her that made his heart grow fonder, or he just decided to step up after 18 years. Whatever the case, Frank decided it was time to propose to Mimi. Even though this decision of his made Obus and Donatus more upset, they had no choice but to support him. Now came the part that ideally should have been the easy part - proposing to Mimi and having her say 'Yes'. It didn't turn out that way. Baby girl didn't jump at the offer as expected. She wasn’t going to say yes till Frank agreed that they had to move out of the flat.

New flat palava

Frank fulfilled his part of the deal and moved out of the flat alongside Mimi, but guess what moved with him? Wahala! Mimi wasn’t impressed with their new one-bedroom flat. She called it “moving backward” and we can’t blame her. Moving from a three-bedroom flat to a one-bedroom wasn’t exactly screaming progress, but in Frank’s defense, they now had the entire house to themselves without any nosy flatmates. She wasn’t buying that excuse and she has consequently issued stern warnings that she wants an upgrade.

Donatus has gone off the hinges

There’s a new head flatmate in town and his name is Donatus! With Frank and Mimi out of the flat, Donatus has taken charge of the flat. He further sealed his position by paying the rent and refunding Mimi what she paid (She still hasn’t gotten the transfer alert yet, but that’s another story). Embracing the true form of a dictator, Donatus has started making life hell for his fellow flatmates. His decrees include: 1). Mimi getting barred from ever entering the flat, 2). If the flatmates don’t find a job, they will be evicted and 3). they must respond with alacrity the moment he summons them. He is truly showing his true form.

Watch him issue his decree here

Wahala isn’t going nowhere, and this is just the start of the sixth season of My Flatmates. We are in for the long haul. Find out what new wahala is brewing on the show every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase at 18:30 WAT.