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Flat sick Frank – My Flatmates

20 May 2022
Frank misses his old flat and life away from Mimi
flat sick Frank

When Frank decided to move out of the flat with Mimi, he must have thought it was a great idea and maybe it was. The chance to move on and start a new life with his new fiancée. Besides, a flat with four other guys is pretty packed and not an ideal place to raise a family. The fact that his fiancé was perpetually engaged in a fight with other flatmates didn't help (side eye Obus and Donatus). So moving definitely was a step in the right direction.

What he didn’t factor in till it hit him hard was the fact that he’d miss the flat. In recent times, he has found himself leaving his new abode and making frequent visits to his former flat. Yeah sure, it’s only right to miss places and people you created fond memories with, but this was really hitting Frank hard. Though we'd like to believe he missed the guys and just wanted to kick it with them, his recent actions indicate otherwise. Our spidey senses started tingling when we noticed he stopped picking Mimi’s phone call. He tried to play it off, but we weren’t buying it and neither were the rest of the Flatmates.

Watch Frank explain why he wasn’t picking Mimi’s call

Turns out things weren’t rosy at home. First off, Frank didn’t really want to leave. It was part of the conditions Mimi gave before she agreed to marry him. She wanted her privacy and a flat to call hers and Frank had no choice but to give in or he’d end up losing her. Already the two are beginning to have friction and Mimi catching him with another lady in their old apartment didn’t do their relationship any good either. What made it worse? Frank didn’t pick her calls again.

Whatever Frank is going through, he really has to have it sorted as soon as possible. He has to decide who he really wants to be with. His old flat or his fiancé. One won’t think this is such a difficult decision, but for Frank, it is. Who or what is he going to pick? We will just have to wait to find out on My Flatmates every weeknight on AM Showcase at 19:00 WAT.