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Becoming the head flatmate in charge – My Flatmates

28 October 2022
After weeks of battle and strategising, one flatmate grabs the reins.
Willie My Flatmates

He who pays the piper dictates the tune, but for the flatmates, he who pays rent wields the ultimate power. Chief Donatus has been the one calling the shots in the flat simply because he paid the rent for the first six months. It was really a chaotic period in the house, to say the least. With Obus as his enforcer, Donatus became quite the dictator. First, he claimed the master bedroom since Frank moved out, and laid down strict rules for every other flatmate to abide by.

With the rent close to expiring, the battle to wield the ultimate power began. In Donatus' case, it was all about holding onto power, while for the rest of the flatmates, it was about wrestling power from his hands. Sadly, Donatus did not have enough financial muscle to hold on to power, which threatened his position in the flat, while making it a level playing ground for others.

The rent powerplay 

Dan is on a mission

Honourable Dan who had always been on the receiving end of Donatus high-handedness was the first to make a power play. Donatus had a thing for bullying him and the final straw was when he threw him out of the flat for bringing a lady friend home. Dan decided to try to convince his friend to lend him money so he could pay for the flat and gain the upper hand. He even went as far as to offer him a vacant room to use as he sees fit. This didn't seem to work, so it was time to try something else.

Seeking alliances

As the rent expiration drew nigh and with no funds in sight, it became imperative that they had to forge alliances. Dan again seemed to be everywhere. From striking a partnership deal with Willie, to suggesting a similar agreement with Obus, he was bent on securing a position of power in the house during the next rent season. However, Obus was not buying it and soon reported him to Donatus. Even as they pondered on Dan’s ludicrous offer and the fact that he wasn’t financially stable to pull off a takeover, the idea of forming an alliance seemed appealing as it might be a way to not only dine at the table of power, but also have a roof over their heads. They immediately decided that Willie might be the best person to forge one with, but Willie had other plans.

New ruler

They say real gees move in silence, and Willie was as quiet as a mouse. No one knew he had paid the rent until Baba landlord came to issue him the receipt. Donatus even tried a last-minute attempt at begging the landlord to give him an extension, only to find out that Willie had sealed the deal making him the head flatmate in charge (HFIC). In his first declaration as head flatmate, he vowed to make every flatmate pay for the unfair treatment he had received. His victory didn’t come easy though. As a matter of fact, someone came through for him and assisted him in paying the rent.

Willie the new boss

Mimi with the hendz!

Turns out Donatus’ age-old rival Mimi, was responsible for helping Willie obtain the loan he needed to pay for the flat. It's no secret that Mimi hates Donatus' guts, so when the opportunity arose to take him down, she jumped at the chance. Moreover, she was best friends with Willie, so she didn't think twice about helping him ask Frank to loan him money for rent.

Watch Mimi reveal her takedown strategy

Now that the flat has a new ruler, we expect the rest of the flatmates to fall in line, but if there’s one thing we know about these guys, they are stubborn and Willie isn’t going to have it easy. Catch up on their antics and the punishments Willie plans to dish out on My Flatmates showing on AM Showcase CH 151 every weekday at 19:00 WAT.