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A Christmas letter to Santa from Africa Magic stars

21 December 2022
Africa Magic characters want something nice this holiday so we wrote to Santa on their behalves.
letter to santa

Dear Santa,

We still haven't received the PS 5 we asked for the last time. We wrote two letters back in December, but you must not have gotten them. There probably was a problem at the post office or something. Sometimes we scribble addresses too sloppy when we write them.

Anyways, how have you been? How's the Mrs. doing? Great, we hope? We’ve been good ourselves. A lot has been going on all our channels - new seasons of some of our favorite shows were launched, new shows/movies were premiered, and we have a stellar cast of talented acts giving life to the characters on our shows.

Speaking of characters, it turns out a few of them have a list of requests from you this holiday season, so we decided to write you on their behalf. Brace up, this wish list is wild.

Here we go!

MKI wants power to rule over Lagos which is ironic because GJG’s wish is to hold on to power. This pits them against one another because the city is only big enough for one of them. Guess we will leave it up to you to figure out who gets it. Sadly, both of them have been extremely naughty this year, so the chances that they are on your ‘nice’ list are pretty slim.

Nkechi wants to be a senator and she also wants to walk again (Wonder if you perform miracles too). She got crippled in a car accident while trying to pursue her dream of becoming a senator. We won’t mention any name…, but MKI was responsible. Santiago and Duchess want revenge for the pain they’ve been put through and Talia just wants to make it out of the trenches.

There’s another conundrum and this time, it’s from the folks on Itura. Sijuade wishes to be crowned king and so does his brother, Obafemi. Odejinmi wishes to marry Moremi and so does Diekola. By the way, Omosewa and Omiwunmi also want Odejinmi. This is really a tough one Uncle Nick. You might want to pass this on to Cupid. Let that lazy bum work for once. Awojide the Chief Priest needs the gods to talk to him again. Wonder if you’ve got the gods on speed dial.

Also, the people of Ibaokuta want to be free from Agbako and the rest of the invaders. The only snag here is that Agbako’s wish is for the people to remain in subservience to him so he can continue to feed fat from them. This is tough! Oh well, we are sure you’ll figure out who gets what.

The guys on My Flatmates also have a few requests. Nothing major really. Willy, Chief Donatus, Honourable Dan, and Obus each just want to be in charge of the flat. Donatus also wants you to do something mean to Mimi and Mimi wants you to do the same to Donatus. Think this belongs to a hit list, so you can ignore this.

We could go on and on Santa, but we will stop here. We don’t want to sound greedy. So if you could help grant their wishes however you deem fit, it will be nice. We could all do with some Christmas cheer and have ourselves the most wonderful time of the year.🎵

Oh! You should tune in to our shows on Africa Magic. You’d love them.

Yours sincerely,

Africa Magic