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The tribulations of a romantic Nduka – My Flatmates

26 December 2021
The next time Nduka plans a romantic day with his wife, he will think twice.

You know when you have an amazing plan in your head and then life throws obstacles in your path to get you off track just when you are about to execute it? Nduka experienced this exact scenario while preparing a romantic day for his wife. He already had the ideal romantic day planned out to celebrate his wife’s birthday. He was going to make her breakfast in bed, give her some gifts, watch a movie, and then top it off with some 'under the sheets' action.

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His troubles began as soon as he stepped into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Here he ran into a nosey Titus who wanted to know what he was up to battling with dishes so early in the morning. Not wanting to start the day off wrong, he explained what he was up to. Now that we think about it, maybe he shouldn’t have. He should have just ignored him and continued what he was doing because the moment he paused to answer him, things began to go off track. First off, Titus was not a man of few questions. One question led to another and another leaving Nduka on the edge of frustration. It was almost like talking to a 5-year-old kid. You know they just want to keep asking you till you blow the lid off.

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Anyway, to appease Titus, he asked him to prepare a meal for himself from the leftovers. That seemed to have done the trick, but his troubles were just beginning. Now Titus isn’t the one to get a spicy gist and hoard it all to himself. No! (Word to all of you with juicy gossip, learn from this chap. Always share! There’s love in sharing.) Back to the story, Titus ended up sharing the story with his best mate, Prosper. Out of curiosity, doubt and ‘never being the peace anyone deserves’, both Titus and Prosper decided to go disturb Nduka under the guise of presenting a gift to his wife and they wouldn’t leave until they saw her. You know you never disturb a man on a mission, especially a mission with a prospect of a happy ending. (If you gerrit, you gerrit, if you don’t…) As if that wasn’t enough, Prosper thought giving a speech was the next appropriate thing to do. It was enough to drive anyone mad, and you could see the frustration on Nduka's face as he attended to them.

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Thinking the worst was over, when he kicked them out, Donatus decided to come through, also under the guise of giving the birthday lady a gift. What made this scene worse and possibly all the more frustrating for Nduka was that he stepped out all greasy and oiled up. Man was mid-massage and trying to… in the famous words of Marvin Gaye, “...get it on.”

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What really is a man to do to get some quality time with his wife? It’s bad enough that there are rumours flying around that Nigerian men aren’t romantic and just when one is about to redeem their image, tribulations began to set in. To be fair though, it was mostly his fellow men that almost sabotaged it. Oh well, we're guessing he learned his lesson. Next time, he'll take his wife to a romantic resort or hotel away from tribulations disguised as flatmates.

Watch the tribulations Nduka went through

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