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Back to back tribulations for Shina and Mimi – Movement Japa

12 February 2022
The duo can’t catch a break and it looks like fate is playing games with them.
shina and mimi

Ever since Mimi and Shina got stranded on the beach in their failed attempt to leave the country, several tribulations have plagued them. Firstly, they lost their closest friend and travel companion, Osas, and then they made a mess of the shipment that they were supposed to deliver. They not only have to face the consequences of making a blunder of delivery, but they also have gunmen on their trail sent by a man called Black Arrow who wants them to pay for killing his brother.

Stuck in Ghana

They found themselves stuck in a country far from home and they couldn’t even go home because their lives were in danger. Even while in Ghana, they had to watch their backs because they suspected the worst wasn’t over and they were being tailed.

$3000 Bounty.

There was a moment when it seemed Shina and Mimi might get a break when Shina's song caught the attention of a music promoter. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. The studio he went to record in was invaded by men who wanted to capture both him and Bibi. Apparently, a bounty of $3000 was put on their heads by Black Arrow, and they are trying to claim it.

Fortunately for Mimi and Shina, the promoter was friends with the leader of the gang and he was able to dissuade them from taking them. To ensure their safety, Shina and Mimi were advised to go back to Nigeria. Just when they thought they were Lagos bound, they found out they had been set up and the car that was transporting them was actually filled with members of Black Arrow’s gang.

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From frypan to fire

After all hope seemed to be lost and Mimi and Shina were about to meet their untimely end at the hands of Black Arrow, they were miraculously saved by undercover police who raided the facility where they were being held. It seemed like they would finally get to breathe again, but they ended up getting captured by another gang acting under the orders of the Mafia in Nigeria whose drug consignment they mishandled. It wasn't looking good for them.

In the police net

While they were being interrogated by the mafia, luck smiled on them and the location they were was soon raided by the police. As usual, fate played a fast one on them. This time they were held by the police and faced imminent danger. Luckily for Shina, one of the police officers helped him escape but he still faces more threats.

How long before Mimi and Shina face the next tribulation. At what point will their luck run out? Was this trip outside the country worth it? Get your answers on Movement Japa every Monday on AM Showcase at 17:00 WAT