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What's good new season?  – Mercy What Next

08 October 2021
Here's what we think the new season of The Mercy Show will plate us.
The Mercy show

Just like you, we were stoked to find out that the queen of highlights would be making her way back onto our screens, especially because we all felt shortchanged when the first season ended abruptly. So, when we got the green light to announce the show’s return, some of ya’ll threw questions about the name change and if Ike would also be making an appearance. Well, we no sabi pass you people, but what we can tell you is that your girl don double the highlights, periodt! Here’s what we think will go down this season.

Isss the moola honey

Someone wise like this don tell us say “with great power comes great responsibility”, and we went ahead and added, ‘with great Naira comes great enjoyment’. E be lie? Ehe! Since the end of the first season, Mercy broke the internet more times than we can remember with first-class dining, travelling and fashion fit for the elite. In addition to the obvious, Lambo homes is quickly making strides to becoming the industry’s leading real estate co thanks to its high-profile listings. Basically, sha, our girl is about her bag.

Ike who?  

This is probably the most controversial part of the gist but just like a large elephant in a room with entryways too small to enter am, this too must be addressed, yes? Good! So, we all know how ‘bumpy’ things got when aunties and brothers got involved inside matter. In fact, the moving in together was questioned and the sharing of Mercy’s winning was up for debate and having all been allowed limited access, we were all left to fill in the blanks and ya’ll know how that went! Mercy will defs address the issue small, Assin eh, did you people see the bling reveal in the teaser? Ehe!

New man who dis?

As we said, there was a small small bling reveal on the show’s promo clip and ya’ll know the Mr mentioned above isn’t the ‘adorner’. Though it isn’t clear whether we’ll get to see the Mr’s face, we’re certain that they’ll be strings of references to him. Basically, we may as well be fed crumbs when it comes to this little detail because ‘keep your love life private', but we’ll take them. (Praying for the face)

Friends and foes

The first season drew our attention to the circle the queen keeps and how they gel together, especially after the babe’s status changed to ‘Naija it girl’. But just as it happens with the normal folk, some friends prove to have always been foes. So, we’re guessing that we’ll be seeing some changes in this department too, and we bet the last Naira in our piggy bank that babes will tell us wetin go south. We just gotta hold our horses till it happens.

Join us for a daily moment of silence in favour of being able to gather on the TL to discuss the happening on this season of The Mercy Show because we guarantee ya’ll they’ll be much to Tweet about. Stay tuned for the first ep this Sunday, October 10th, at 18:00 on DStv CH 151 AM Showcase.