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Four toxic relationships from your fav Africa Magic shows

22 July 2021
We’re totally here for the drama but certainly won’t romanticise these relationships.
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We absolutely love love and are all for realism when it comes to conflicts. After all, no relationship is perfect and each unique one comes with its own set of battles. However, we disapprove of ones founded purely on narcissism, instant gratification, and overcompensation, amongst other things. Assin, scales aren’t the result of foolish DIY projects, eh. They represent equilibrium and that’s essentially what relationships should exhibit. Equal giving and equal receiving.

Here are the top four relationships from your favourite Africa Magic shows that we consider toxic.

Enakhe and Onanefe

We’ve already been through how Enakhe went to bed a sweet little princess daddy spent a lot of money educating abroad and woke up cold-blooded and devoid of emotion. After her failed relationships with self-centred Archie and resentful Jonas, it was in the safety of Onanefe’s arms that she found refuge and was afforded an escape. Unlike her exes, Onanefe always displays a willingness to do whatever it takes to bring her guard down. Enakhe, however, does not recognize any of these efforts. Nothing Onanefe will ever be enough to move her. Not even taking a bullet. Toxic much?

Peter and Temi

We won’t even lie, sha! From the get-go, Temi was the one pulling all the strings to make the relationship ‘happen’. In fact, baby girl went as far as disobeying her mother and forcefully cutting the cord just to be with her darling Chuchu while he, on the other hand, was still playing blackjack with his past. At some point, both had agreed to keep things natural and not adopt titles that would place unnecessary pressure on their otherwise chilled relationship.

 But life did happen and Temi’s expectations grew wings. She knew she loved Peter and wanted something more concrete with him. He, on the other hand, wanted the same old flow they adopted back in the infant stages of the relationship to remain intact: no marriage or children. Temi tried to adhere to Peter’s ridiculous demands, but he totally refuses to compromise. Despite all the compromising Temi had been doing since the beginning. In Kemi, her mother’s words: “Why buy the cow if you can milk it for free?”

Ofotokun and his wives + concubines

First of all, is it humanly possible for Ofotokun to love anyone at all? Assin, our first encounter with him was deadly and without remorse. He commanded the killing of every innocent infant born on the day of the dark moon, including his own children just to spite the gods and retain power. So, it isn’t shocking that he made the list. From the late queens Mofe, Arioma and Idolor, all the way to Misan and the concubines, no amount of affection was received from the king without the use of charms or manipulation. At some point, all his queens wanted to overthrow him and almost sought affection from other men. Of all the toxic relationships that have ever existed in Oyomere, every one of Ogiame’s make the list. This man toxic, sha!

Oscar and Esosa

On one hand, there’s sweet old Esosa with a heart as big as that of a mother of multiple children, and on the other, there’s Oscar who thinks nothing of lying and cheating. Their marriage wasn’t always this void of love, support and affection. As told by Esosa, Oscar stood by her through the years as they tried to have children of their own. He endured every fertility test, every visit to a new and seemingly better fertility clinic and was there to dry Esosa’s tears when things went south. So, it’s unclear why Oscar decided to open the portal of dishonour and cheat on Esosa with Amara. What makes this setting so unsettlingly toxic is that even after finding out, Esosa waged war against the ‘other woman’ and went as far as lying about being pregnant just to please her unfaithful husband. She rewarded the bad behaviour at her own expense. Overcompensation. Chai!  

Relationships are certainly hard to maintain, but when the right set of values are put together without the need to sacrifice one’s peace and principles, the experience can be absolutely rewarding. We hope yours are rewarding!

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