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Desperate times, desperate measures – Baby Drama

15 July 2021
Here’s how desperation got the better of Esosa and Natasha
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The difference between Esosa and Natasha is that Oscar is very aware of his wife’s difficulties, and he’s been there for her while she tried to remedy her infertility. On the other hand, Chief went right ahead and brought another woman to play incubator just so he could have an heir. The similarities, however, are striking. Like Natasha who was capable of blurring the lines of the law to get what she wants, Esosa would do anything to keep Oscar’s gaze, including faking a pregnancy while waiting for her ‘child donor’ to give birth. Here’s how Oni agreed to giving Esosa her baby.

How it started

While doing her rounds at the clinic, Natasha overhead Oni asking the receptionist if the clinic offered care packages for women who wanted to continue with their journeys but wished to give their children up for adoption. Her interest was immediately sparked, and she immediately acquired more information about Oni.

Natasha’s interest in Oni’s unborn baby had her go as far as having her followed and attacked just so she could play good Samaritan and gain rights to her baby. As soon as Oni gained consciousness, she asked to be allowed to go home, but desperate Natasha wouldn’t budge.

Esosa’s saving grace

Esosa walked in right in time to save Oni from Natasha would have her by the neck and was ready to finish her off if she so much as refused to consider her as the child’s adoptive mother. Thanks to Esosa’s insistence and having threatened to call the police, Oni gained her freedom and went from ‘owing’ Natasha for supposedly saving her from her attacker to owing Esosa for taking her call and rescuing her from Natasha’s claws.

While Esosa’s intentions weren’t necessarily to harm Oni or capitalize on her unfortunate situation, finding out that Oscar had been unfaithful fueled her desire to finally give him a child, and Oni represented that possibility. Like Natasha, she pleaded that Oni consider giving her the baby after it was born and went home to tell Oscar that she was pregnant.

As things stand

Natasha wasn’t too happy with Esosa’s meddling and decided to finish the war she had started by having Oni kidnapped, staging an accident and faking Oni’s death. This resulted in the death of Esosa’s dream to finally be a mom. Chai!

...And that’s the cliffhanger. That’s how the first season of Baby Drama ended. Boy will season 2 be a treat!

Haven’t gotten around to watching Baby Drama? No problem, you can stream the entire season on Showmax here: https://bit.ly/2Tf2r7C