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5 reasons why Mercy is the perfect daughter – Mercy What Next

31 October 2021
Here are five reasons why any mother would be extra proud to have a daughter like Mercy.

Since its return, the show remains the talk of the TL and all for good reason because Mercy has been dishing highlights nonstop. From exploring new business ventures to signing mega deals, the bag has been our girl’s focal point and judging by mommy’s reaction to our girl’s refurbished pad, she don approve. Here’s why Mercy is any mama’s dream pikin.

She put herself out there

BBNaija was the ultimate determination test for our girl, sha! Assin eh, walking into an enclosed space in the hopes of beating twenty plus counterparts to the ultimate prize no be small thing at all. Clenching her loved ones’ blessing and her parents’ approval in one hand and her love for the finer things in another, Mercy marched into Biggie’s house, showed Africa what highlights are made of and had millions in her corner. Abeg, make una tell us which mama no be proud like this?

She multiplied her wealth

Baby girl no get too comfortable when the prize money hit her bank’s shores o. Instead of chopping Naira like it was housed in a bottomless pit, Mercy went ahead and made lucrative investments. A detail we’ve all been taught in our homes: “acquire more, consume less”. Mommy’s heart definitely swelled when she realised that the lessons she instilled in Mercy back when her pocket money was as far as her money-management skills needed to stretch were yielding the desired results. Basically, sha, any mama would be proud to have a daughter that knows how to manage her resources.

She grew thick skin

Ya’ll remember how your moms taught you to ignore the haters and focus on the positive back when your mates made fun of your huge bookcase? Ehe! Filtering people’s opinions and keeping one’s head up when the hate comes flooding in is probably the greatest skill to possess because in all honesty, e no fit stop. Mercy’s ability to remain the most authentic version of herself despite “disapprovers” shows that mommy’s home training no go to waste.

She puts her family first

Just like you guys, we got all warm and fuzzy during daddy and Mercy’s phone call, and when she mentioned just how close they are, the feels oozed out of us. We’ve seen how the babe interacts with sister Promise and how open her and mommy’s relationship is, so when mommy sang her praises during the apartment tour and said “it’s because of you” when Mercy told her how beautiful she looked, we knew that her toil was inspired by her family. Show us which mother wouldn’t be proud to have a family-oriented daughter, sha!

She knows what she wants

Remember when mommy prepared the table on our behalf and asked Mercy very specific relationship questions? Ehe! Our girl’s responses and her general take on relationships shone a bright light on how she just wants to settle her own financial affairs and guarantee her family’s comfort before anything else. As things stand, her money is her focus right now and should a good man come along, the aim is to settle down. This one no be pikin that knows what she wants, abi?

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