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Masquerades Of Aniedo

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Your thoughts on the Masquerades of Aniedo

06 October 2023
A revered masquerade died in the first episode; the streets of Twitter were shook!
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The first season of Africa Magic Showcase mystery drama series Masquerades of Aniedo aired on 2 October; the premiere came with riveting reviews from fans who were excited about the epic storyline. 

Set in the Ofuobi community, the telenovela highlights the story of  Nwokoye's first and only son, Muna, who got disgraced while trying to obtain permission to wed the love of his life, Chizitaram. After facing rejection, Muna decides to earn respect by becoming a Masquerade, a new quest that brings chaos and rakes havoc on the once peaceful Ofuobi community. 

Here's what you had to say about the thrilling premiere:

Excited to see your faves

The cast of Masquerades of Aniedo sure is star-studded with characters from Africa Magic shows like Riona and Irora Iya

The shocking death of the Masquerade 

As viewers gushed over spotting their faves, the Masquerade, who they believed had nine lives, passed away with a woman beside him minutes into the first episode, leaving fans on socials astonished. How the Masquerade's son learned about his father's death was also a hot topic! 

Muna, Zina, Augustus, and Mama Urenna are fan favourites

Due to his decision to stand by his mourning friend, the audience couldn't get enough of Muna's boldness and stubbornness. The antics of Zina, Augustus, and Mama Urenna also sparked exciting social conversations.

The premiere of Masquerades of Aniedo left the audience wanting more and celebrating the talented cast and crew.

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