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Inside Muna's stormy love life – MOA

29 October 2023
From proposals to heartaches and unexpected rejection, Muna's love life is a whirlwind of heartfelt emotions and tumultuous turns
Inside Muna's stormy love life – MOA

Muna's romantic escapade in Masquerades of Aniedo has been a whirlwind of emotions. First, he was proposed to by Chizitaram, setting the stage for a heartwarming tale of affection. But amid the blossoming love, he had to say goodbye to Zina, a heart-rending breakup that paved the way for a new chapter in his love life. Yet, his hopes of sealing the deal with Chizitaram hit a rocky patch when her family welcomed another suitor, leaving Muna in the throes of love and heartbreak.

Chris's advice and emotional turbulence
Chris, a steadfast friend to Muna, suggested he take the bold step of introducing himself to Chizitaram's family as a means to solidify their relationship. It made sense to Muna, considering his feelings for her and the fact that she was interested in a more profound romantic connection with him. Muna decided to take the leap, believing it could bolster his status in the community. However, the road to love wasn't without its heartaches.

Parting ways and an unfortunate Introduction
The heartbreaking task that lay ahead was ending his relationship with Zina, who had been a long-time close friend. Her world was shattered as she pleaded for his affection, but Muna's heart was set on Chizitaram. The stage was set for an introduction, but what followed was unexpected and devastating. Muna and his father faced a rude dismissal, leaving Muna's heart in pieces. To add salt to his emotional wounds, Chris appeared, presenting himself as a suitor for Chizitaram's hand in marriage, making worse Muna's heartache.

Watch his abysmal introduction

What becomes of Muna's heart? Unravel his tumultuous journey of love in the dramatic series, Masquerades of Aniedo, airing every weekday at 8:00 PM WAT on Africa Magic Showcase.