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Wandoo pursues new love – Manfriend

25 February 2024
Will Tersoo King let her?
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Wandoo's whirlwind with love began when she married Tersoo King; their love bloomed and blessed them with their three beautiful daughters, Dooshima, Doosuur, and Mimidoo, but their love went sour due to Tersoo's constant infidelity. 

Tersoo found his way back into Wandoo's heart even after she divorced him, only for him to hurt her again as news spread that he was getting engaged to younger women while trying to rekindle their flame. A devastated Wandoo felt betrayed and vowed never to have anything to do with Tersoo again, but the man won't let her be. 

Dr Obi to the rescue 

While Tersoo searched for ways to win Wandoo back, including offering his daughters money to plan Wandoo's grand 50th birthday party, Dr Obi slowly continued to insert himself into Wandoo's life in hopes that he will eventually have something meaningful with his long-term crush. Although he was several years younger than Wandoo, Dr Obi had always had eyes for Wandoo, but because she was still with Tersoo King, he kept it hidden and remained friendly with Wandoo and the girls.

During one of his occasional house visits, Dr Obi expressed himself to Wandoo, and the duo shared a magical kiss, which was so good that Wandoo couldn't stop thinking about it; however, she decided to shrug it off solely because she felt unsure.

After several good and bad dates, Wandoo realized how much she liked and enjoyed Dr. Obi's company, so she eventually gave in. Their relationship, however, was kept under wraps from Wandoo's friends, children, and the jealous Tersoo King, who still wants her back. Who will be the first person to find out about their secret relationship?

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