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From bestfriends to undercover lovers – Manfriend

23 February 2024
The dynamics of Doosuur and Taj's complicated relationship.
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Like two peas in a pod, Doosuur and her best friend Taj have been inseparable since the first episode of Africa Magic Showcase's Manfriend

Doosuur called Taj for everything; he played driver when she needed to run around while planning her mother's extravagant party; he helped her decipher wrong from right when Dooshima pushed for them to take funds from their father, Tersoo King, and even when Dooshima, unfortunately, gave her runaway lover the money they raised, Taj's arms were her shoulder to cry on to the dismay of his girlfriend, Tessy. 

The dreaded phone call 

While Tessy never hid her disapproval of their closeness on her face, she initially refrained from complaining to Doosuur about how she felt. Instead, she confronted her boyfriend Taj several times and called for him to create boundaries. Taj reassured her that they were just friends, but Tessy was unconvinced. One unfortunate night, Doosuur called Taj to vent, as always, only to receive the most shocking warning of her life.

You'd expect Tessy's stern words to make Doosuur avoid Taj, but it didn't! Taj was still at her every beck and call, ensuring everything in Doosuur's life worked seamlessly. 

In a moment of weakness after a horrible fight with her sister and mother, Doosuur made her way to Taj's house to seek solace. One thing led to another, and a hug led to a kiss and eventual lovemaking. 

Will their friendship survive this sudden intimacy? Don't miss fresh episodes of Manfriend, airing every Friday at 20:30 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Ch. 151 | GOtv Ch. 12).  Reconnect now on #MyDStv or #MyGOtv to enjoy all the drama and stream your favourite shows on the DStv Stream app or GOtv Stream app. Stay glued on all our social platforms for more updates.