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Memorable moments so far – Love Come Back

26 August 2020
If you haven’t gotten around to watching, this is what you missed.
Love Come Back 1040 x 629

Despite the plethora of communication avenues technology has afforded our generation (cellphones, anyone?) there are feelings that are impossible to express without aid – and for this reason (and many others) our very own Captain Quest; Ibrahim Suleiman and the 'Love Come Back' team decided to join forces and make it easier for the estranged to get a second shot at love. Missed it? Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Amends made

To help cut the ribbon and thrust us into motion was Austin. He and girlfriend Chinonye had a relatively stable relationship and were getting along quite well until Austin's insecurities threatened their stability. As narrated by Chinonye, Austin started questioning her loyalty. The subsequent element of lost trust then led to some turbulence in the relationship, which inevitably led to a split. After the couple went their separate ways, Austin couldn’t live with having pushed his one true love away because of his insecurities – and took a giant leap of faith via Love Come Back. Though Chinonye was initially unconvinced by Austin’s pleas, she eventually gave in and let love win!

Giving it another shot

Water under the bridge

Shooting his shot next was Femi. He and his lady love Precious hadn’t experienced anything rocky, nor had they found themselves at a crossroads. Femi simply wanted to understand what had pushed Precious away. After a brief conversation during the "screen test" arranged by the Love Come Back team, Femi was awarded a big fat ‘Apology Accepted’ medal, which he wore with pride. Though slightly taken aback about being tricked into thinking she was auditioning for a role, Precious was grateful that her love had finally made his way back to her.

Second time around

Emmanuel: Love is with us

Lounging firmly in the third stop on the 'Love Come Back' train is Emmanuel. After being left heartbroken and embarrassed because of a cash loan he hadn’t returned, Emmanuel's babe finally realised she absolutely couldn’t lose him. The team then swooped in to do the preliminary work required to help this couple along; inviting Emmanuel to a make-believe skating screen tutorial where he was finally reunited with his love. Cheers to a successful first for the ladies!

Reunited and it feels so good

Not this time

Some things are really hard to forgive, no matter the gesture. That’s exactly what the fourth episode of Love Come Back taught us. Despite a carefully planned candlelit dinner by the poolside – and a low melody concert to accompany the romantic scene, a series of past cheating episodes proved too serious to look past. The result? One half of this couple furiously storming off and taking their forgiveness along.

The end of the road

Loved this short walk down memory lane? You'll be happy to know there’s plenty more where that came from!

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