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Takedat's love woes – Love and Light

09 November 2023
From getting left at the altar to finding out his sister is pregnant for his ex-fiancee's groom-to-be. Takedat went through trials and tribulations in his search for love.
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Imagine borrowing money to get married to the love of your life only for her to say no at the altar unexpectedly; that was Takedat's fate on Love and Light. As he mended his broken heart, life had other plans as an unexpected Takedat received a phone call from his sister Yema to photograph a couple's pre-wedding shoot.

Due to his past, Takedat swore off weddings and initially hesitated, but after several pleas, he took a chance for his sister, a decision he later regretted.

Takedat and Ojonya cross paths again 

While on set at the Love and Light resort, Takedat excitedly waits to meet the couple only to realise Yema brought him to photograph Ojonya, his runaway bride, and her groom David. A distraught Takedat lashed out at his sister and backed out of the shoot, but an apology from his beloved Ojonya poked at his heartstrings and made him decide to shoot them.

The ultimate betrayal from Yema 

As if putting Takedat in an uncomfortable situation wasn't enough, Yema's decision to have a relationship and carry David's child came as a shock to Takedat and Ojonya, who saw her as a best friend and her efficient wedding planner. Although they tried to resist each other, Takedat and Ojonya also found their way into each other's arms and bed, causing chaos for all parties and leaving a burning question on all lips - Who will Ojonya choose? 

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