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Ojonya makes a tough decision – Love and Light

17 November 2023
She bowed out by choosing David.
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Finding out the man you are planning to spend the rest of your life with is cheating a day before your wedding will leave anyone distraught. That was Ojonya's faith, but even worse, the person he was cheating with was her supposed friend and wedding planner, Yema, the sister of the man she left at the altar, and who might be carrying David's baby, too!

Ojonya marries David

How does one navigate such tricky waters when you know you are also guilty of cheating? Amidst the whirlwind of events, on the finale episode of Love and Light & Small Cheating, Ojonya took time to speak to all parties, apologizing for her wrongs and taking responsibility for her shortcomings. She then took a breather to clear her head, and after much consideration, she put on a brave face and chose David, leaving Takedat in the dark and hurt again.

Takedat wasn't the only one heartbroken, as fans on social media also believed Ojonya should have chosen Takedat as they shared fantastic chemistry throughout the season.

What do you think Ojonya should have done?

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