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Love and Light premiere leaves fans gushing

06 October 2023
With the first episode having several shocking twists, the Africa Magic Original series Love and Light premiere left fans on social media yearning for more!
A shocked man

October started on a high note on Africa Magic, with the romantic drama series Love and Light premiering on 2 October exclusively on Africa Magic Showcase.

The series follows the story of a once vibrant photographer, Takedat, whose love life took a turn when his ex-fiancee walked out on him at the altar. Filled with rage, he avoided weddings until his sister, Yema, calls him to photograph an unknown couple. Who could they be? 

Check out fans' reactions on social media to the premiere to get all the tea on the suspense-filled moments.

A feel-good series with familiar faces 

After gushing about the epic scene, the fans on social were thrilled to see familiar industry faces. Eva Ibiam, who plays Takedat's sister, got loads of love, and so did Ariiyike Owolagba, the runaway fiancee in Love and Light

Takedat takes yet another L

As if getting abandoned at the altar was not enough, the couple Yema called Takedat to photograph was his ex-fiancee and her new man. Takedat deserves better, and even fans on social media agree! 

Yema leaves the audience shook

If you thought Yema, the wedding planner's only offence, was bringing her brother, Takedat, as the pre-wedding shoot photographer, you're in for a surprise as it appears the bride and her planner are in love with the same man. 😂 

Small cheating in the first episode? It shocked us and everyone on social media! 😲

You don't want to miss all the drama; Reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv app to watch Love and Light on Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:30 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase.