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A bittersweet ending for Diseye and Koya – Love and Light

30 December 2023
They might find each other in another life but not on Love and Light & Vawulence.
A bittersweet ending for Diseye and Koya

Diseye and Koya's love story on Africa Magic's Love and Light & Vawulence pulled at all our heartstrings in every episode. They were a gorgeous yet unexpected match who looked good together, but in reality, both knew their love was running on borrowed time, and the season finale proved it.

Koya saves Diseye 

Koya emerged in Diseye's life for a season and a reason; he was her confidante, provided a shoulder to cry on, and Koya was the one who, alongside his parents, crafted an escape plan for Diseye from her pimp and thorn in the flesh, Shina. Although her escape was not seamless, Shina's arrest and eventual evacuation from the resort brought us all joy and lifted a visibly heavy weight off Diseye's shoulders.

Diseye walks away

In the finale episode, with Shina out of her way, Diseye was free like a bird, enthusiastic, and able to enjoy herself thoroughly.

But with her newfound freedom came a whirlwind of decisions she had to make, and Diseye decided to choose herself! Although she loved Koya profoundly and knew he was crazy in love and willing to move the world for her, Diseye's past was a burden to her, which clouded her judgment, making her assume she did not deserve a love so gentle. 

After spending a magical night together, Diseye made the tough decision to leave before Koya woke up, leaving him with a note and distraught on realization. 

Koya, however, was not the only one heartbroken. After ending his marriage with Olanna, Koya's father, Bamidele, also had to watch and endure the love of his life, Ansa's blooming relationship with another man.

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