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Introducing the Olanrewaju tenants – Apo

07 October 2023
The talented actors behind Africa Magic Yoruba's latest drama series, Apo.
An image of the actors of the drama series Apo

Apo delves into complex themes in every episode, from family feuds and sibling rivalries to the impact of poverty, marital conflicts, and toxic competition. 

However, the true catalyst of the Africa Magic Yoruba Original series is discovering a bag filled with money, a gun, and a mysterious charm. This bag sets off a chain reaction of events, leading to greed, mistrust, and a fierce battle for control. As the Olanrewaju tenants' lives take unpredictable turns, the true nature of each character is unveiled, exposing their inner desires and fears.

Meet the cast members who bring Apo to life:

Ireti Oladapo 

Ireti is a woman who has faced countless hardships striving to provide for her son, Demilade, who suffers from a congenital heart defect. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with Jomiloju, her lost love from nine years ago, in the Olanrewaju compound. Secrets and unresolved emotions threaten to shatter the calm facade Ireti built over the years.

Jomiloju Olanrewaju 

Jomiloju is the responsible first son of the Olanrewaju family, a local schoolteacher with a deep affinity for children. His life becomes entangled with Ireti's once more as the unanswered questions of their past haunt him. As the moral compass of the Olanrewaju compound, he stands as a beacon of integrity, but how long can he keep the secrets buried?

Yemi Olanrewaju 

Yemi is Jomiloju's younger brother, notorious for his excessive drinking and loose tongue. Once an academically driven young man, a single act of cheating shattered his dreams. Now, he's known as the "child born in a beer bottle," notably because of his drunken escapades.

Baba Olanrewaju 

Baba is the beloved landlord of the Olanrewaju compound, but his forgetful nature and trusting disposition make him an easy target for manipulative tenants. As secrets unravel and family dynamics change, Baba's character takes center stage as he grapples with the revelation of a long-lost daughter.

Bukola Olanrewaju 

Bukola, Jomiloju's wife, comes from a poverty-stricken background and is determined to secure her place in the compound. However, she soon realizes that her husband values integrity over wealth.

Bolanle Oladapo 

Bolanle is Ireti's daughter, or so she thinks. Her tumultuous relationship with her mother and her rebellious nature create plenty of drama. As Bolanle navigates her journey to maturity, she unravels shocking truths about her family.

Demilade Oladapo 

Diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition, Demilade faces a life-threatening illness with unwavering courage. Throughout the series, Demilade's resilience and bond with his mother, Ireti, is deeply touching.

Sisi Maggie 

Sisi Maggie is the local gossip. Her insatiable curiosity and penchant for stirring the pot sows discord among the residents.

Tunde and Mofe

Tunde and Mofe are young men with dreams of quick wealth. Their endeavors take them on a path filled with moral dilemmas, unexpected twists, and romantic pursuits, especially regarding their shared affection for Bolanle.

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