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Five times counsel knew defendants were lying – Judging Matters

31 August 2021
Here are the five times Justice Williams and Ebuka spotted liars.
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Justice William get hawk’s eye, sha! Assin, madam spots a liar from a mile away and makes sure that the truth takes precedence, always! Now, with Ebuka’s ‘down to the tee’ methods of questioning and charisma, both the plaintiffs and defendants are yanked into the truth pool and only the righteous get to swim and walk away rewarded.

Here are five instances where after hearing both sides of the story, Counsel spotted the resident Pinocchios.      

This sisterhood na lie (Princess vs. Sandra)

This case deserves a ‘classic’ badge slap and a spot in the hall of fame because wow! So, Sandra brought her friend-turned-sister to court after failing to collect her N90K that was meant to have been kept in Princess’ account after nine consecutive deposits. When asked why she took so long to return her friend’s money, Princess used her lack of an ATM card as an excuse and went as far as saying that she decided to withhold the funds because Victoria was dragging her name through the mud. Well, mud or pool, Princess was caught right out and ordered to pay what she owes. A small victory for the court, but a giant leap for Princess. 😂

Nissan in the rain (Enitan vs. Promise)

Another hall of famer! 😂 As told by Enitan, Promise, her boyfriend had a bright business idea that required the use of a vehicle he didn’t have as yet. So, after managing a good chunk of the money from his uncle, Promise received a loan amounting to N103K from Enitan. An amount he promised to pay back but now claims was a ‘dash’. Biko, bros’ excuse is the one that hit the nail on the head. 😂 According to him, Nigerian used vehicles are not to be used during the rainy season and as such, he’ll only start making money when the rain dries. Even mama Chioma from the market would see through these lies, sha! Anyway, bros was ordered to settle Enitan, so it is well o!

But she get belle for someone else (Rhoda vs. Nduka)

Rhoda and Nduka have a daughter together but are no longer in a relationship. So, when their daughter’s birthday drew nearer, Nduka expressed that he wanted to throw their daughter a big party to make up for previous years of no celebration. Now, however, bros refuses to pay the loan Rhoda took out to cover party costs and e no be easy at all for Rhoda. The climax, however, came into play when Nduka made mention of Rhoda getting belle for someone else and that’s exactly when Justice Willaims knew that bros lied. The only reason why he refuses to pay up is because he lost his bae to another. Na wa for him o!

Abeg, I told you not to drive ( Rasheed vs. Gloria)

During a night out, Rasheed had a tad much to drink and couldn’t drive his car, so he let it be. His girlfriend, however, took advantage of the ‘situation’ and took the car for a spin. Needless to say, bae crashed Rasheed’s car and incurred panel beater charges up to N195K. Baby ghel no lie much o, she just felt that as Rasheed’s girlfriend, she shouldn’t be liable for the damages, but thanks to Counsel’s probing, bae was ordered to pay. No leeway in this Lagos! 😂

Where’s my Ghana must go’? (Gloria vs. partner)

Mama Gloria travelled to see her people and left her part of the shop in the care of her partner who instead of caring for her assets during her eight-month visit, lost her Ghana must go and sewing machine. Now, according to mama Joy, she did indeed follow Gloria’s instructions and catered to her customers, so she didn’t see why she would be held liable. After some more questions, Mama Joy failed to excuse the loss of Gloria’s material and sewing machine and was ordered to pay. Kudos to the law o!

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