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Five things we love about Justice Williams ­– Judging Matters

24 May 2021
Here are five things that make Justice Williams our absolute fav!
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Judging Matters presiding judge, Justice Olusola Williams continues to paint the court walls with a stern energy, fairness, and a kind of fierceness that only a Lagos-conscious individual with 18-years of judicial experience can pull off – and while we absolutely appreciate her approach when it comes to the arbitration system, she offers much more than awarding claimants their dues.

Here are five things we absolutely love about the honourable Justice Williams.

1. If you must pay, you will pay!

We’ve had several instances where defendants claimed absolute innocence and refused to settle what they owed claimants, but Justice Williams would hear none of their undocumented excuses. In fact, after each judgment, Justice Williams always closes the proceedings with a sharp ‘... and you must pay!” - Also making mention of Claimants’ access to sheriffs that would enforce a judgement should Defendants try to dribble the law. Assin, Justice Williams is our aunty in law!

2. She’s laughing, but she’s not laughing.

Some cases are funny, eh! Reminds us of one where a claimant had asked the defendant to allow him access to his fiancé as payment towards his 100k debt. Can you imagine?! Also, remember that prophet who sold an engine (No o! Not The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari😂)? Ehe! We all have ribs and funny bones, so Justice Williams is justified in throwing a giggle here and there... But she ain’t laughing with you!

3. ...” So, what you’re saying is...?”

Do you know (or could you be) the kind of student that will be in class and ‘hear’ everything a teacher says, then leave that same class with zero absorption of info? Yes na! Having been in the academic and training field for more years than some of us have existed, Justice William isn’t oblivious to these tactics - so she always makes sure that defendants understand the ruling and accept (whether they like it or not) their obligations towards claimants. In fact, she’ll repeat what everyone says and have them confirm it. “So, what you’re saying is you’re Ebuka?” type of thing, you know?

4. She can see through you!

Na lie you lie? Is okay because Justice Williams will see right through you Casper the ghost! Remember when one lady like this lied about having lost her ATM card and that’s why she couldn’t return her friend’s 90k after over five months of being nudged about the funds? Ehe! Justice Williams saw right through her contact lenses and asked if it took more than a few minutes in the bank to replace a card. Also, remember the man who fed German flooring over a hundred litres of diesel? Yup! Without a trace he said, but bros paid o.

5. Always on fleek, respectfully!

See what we did there? (Laughs in #Trends 😂). Justice Williams is always dressed like she’s about to walk a ‘legal terms’ runway during an “anything you say will be used against you in the court of law” fashion show. Hair, face-beat, robe… you name it, our favourite judge in the game has got it on lockdown. We’re beginning to think the ‘You look good, you do good’ tag is actually philosophy. Can your fave judge ever?

Join the honourable Justice Olusola Willaims, Ebuka and the rest of the Judging Matters team every Monday evening at 6 pm on 151 AM Showcase. Always available to stream on Showmax here too!