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Five moments we can’t get over! – Judging Matters

10 May 2021
We look at five moments on Judging Matters that sent us.
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While Judging Matters seeks to bridge the gap between cost and jargon-free small claims justice and not so law-savvy Lagosians, the cases brought forward deserve comedy awards because WOW! E no be easy to keep laugh inside, not even for Counsel Ebuka and Justice Williams. Here are five moments from five episodes that had our servers screeching with laughter.  

German floor 1:0 Diesel

So, Mr Charles had been working for Nnena since January and his arrival saw a sharp peak in the company’s fuel use. According to the claimant (Nnena), Mr Charles had been ripping her off and pocketing funds meant for fuel. According to her records, they were meant to be spending 18k weekly for a hundred litres of fuel, but Mr Charles did his own math and concluded that a full barrel lasts only a day. To explain the mysterious disappearance of most of the fuel, Mr Charles claimed there were spills and went further to say that he can’t prove this because the German floor below the tank absorbed all the fuel and left no traces. 😂 E shock us finish!


Prophetic engine selling

Prophet Idowu sold his neighbour’s engine for a mere 2k to an Aboki and claimed he thought it was scrap metal. Mind you, the prophet knew that his neighbour earned money through the reselling of engines and other car parts, but still opted to get a quick buck when no one was looking. Justice Williams sent us flying when she asked if his prophetic vision saw this court session coming. 😂 Biko, it seems that Prophet Idowu has a thing for shiny objects, so it’s best his neighbours find new hiding spots! 🤷🏾‍♀️

Sowed a seed, no fruit!

Pastor Uchenna approached the court to help him retrieve his phone and restore his dignity after a member of his church brought soldiers into his office. This after, the Plaintiff participated in a three-day crusade where a visiting pastor preached and convinced her to sow her state-of-the-art phone as a seed and await a miracle. According to Akinbami (Plaintiff), she didn’t receive the miracle she was promised and wanted her seed dug out and given back to her. This obviously didn’t happen because the pastor returned to Warri and took the phone with him. The soldiers then proceeded to assault Pastor Uchenna and took his phone. As we dey type eh, Akinbami wants her miracle still. 😂

Public compound wahala!

It all started with a laundry washing bowl and an Igbo song, then boom! Muddied aso ebi and a quarrel between neighbours. 😂 Mrs Oside claimed that Mrs Debora kicked her washing bowl simply because she felt the song she was singing was directed at her. Loosely translated, the song means “devil, shame will catch you” and Mrs Debora took offence and muddied Mrs Oside’s expensive Holandese aso ebi and lace as retaliation. While Mrs Debora confessed to having spoiled the items, she feels Mrs Oside is overpricing material she can find in the market for 2k. 😂 What a wow!

Your wife, or my money!

Mathias sold Ugbesia a home theatre system worth 250k but was only paid 100k. Ugbesia promised to settle the balance of 150k three months after the transaction but failed to deliver on his promise. So after a wild goose chase, Mathias gave Ugbesia two options: pay up as promised, or let him… Uhm… “spend time” with his fiancé (e no be lie)🤞🏾😂.  Needless to say, bros took the disrespect to heart and decided to avoid payments altogether. E not only shock us o, but e also choke us too! Even Ebuka was weak. 😂

We’re only five episodes in and our ribs are already halfway cracked, sha!

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