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Judging Matters


Chisom and Grandma learn some lessons – Judging Matters

28 July 2021
After a few laughs, courtesy of Grandma Stella, Justice Williams served some wisdom.
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Oya, just as Bailiff Bolaji’s laugh refused to be contained when he announced the case and introduced the parties involved, Grandma Stella and her granddaughter Chisom, Ebuka’s own slid right past.

18-year-old Chisom brought grandma to court because she refused to pay back the N95K she borrowed five months ago. This while living comfortably under the roof paid for by Grandma Stella. While this case was as good as solved when Grandma confessed to having obtained the funds under false pretence because she knew Chisom wouldn’t budge if she straight up asked for the funds without the promise of repayment, Justice Williams considered Grandma’s position and brought the following lessons to the table.

Lies aren’t the best remedy

Though Grandma thought lying to Chisom about being willing to give her back the amount loaned would bear no consequences, this was used against her in a court of law, forcing the passing of judgment. In addition, Chisom would think it correct to deceive grandma in return. So, going forward, Grandma and Chisom are to practice honesty and work together for the benefit of their relationship.

Giving is as important as receiving

As explained by Grandma, Chisom has been working for over six months now and makes no meaningful contributions towards their domestic upkeep. As such, she asked that Chisom loan her the money to add value to her provision business. The very same business that feeds and clothes both. While Justice Williams understood Grandma Stella’s position, she believed it was her fault that Chisom had not learned the power and value of giving. If despite being completely taken care of, Chisom showed no gratitude in their home, she would fail to do so outside. Therefore, Chisom was to display gratitude by contributing a part of her salary towards both their upkeep.

Relationships matter more than money

When asked if she thought her relationship with Grandma would be affected by her decision to approach the court, Chisom said nothing would change, but Grandma Stella’s sentiments were the exact opposite. She felt it was disrespectful of Chisom to demand repayment, ignoring all that she does for her. Justice Williams, however, reiterated the point of unity and reminded both that their relationship was more important than any amount of money.

Lessons and laughs, that’s exactly what the 17th episode of Judging Matters brought us. Tune in every Monday evening at 18:00 on DStv CH 151 Showcase for more legal entertainment that’s tailored for you.