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Five Africa Magic shows to watch on Showmax

26 August 2020
Extra extra, read all about! Your favourite Africa Magic shows are now available on Showmax.
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Content is king – and because you’re royalty, we’re always proud to bring you the most relatable, yet entertaining shows in all of the land. Today, we're pleased to announce some exciting news. Some of your favourite AM shows that have ended, are now available to stream and binge on Showmax

From Brethren right down to the OG Battleground Final Showdown, here are five Africa Magic shows to watch on Showmax.


After dealing accordingly with delinquents like Lagos Shepherd, bringing down looter politicians and apprehending 'The Face', Bara was let loose by the very police unit he had served under – and thrown to the dogs; but it wasn’t until he joined forces with his co-adoptee brother Dag that things started shaping up... negatively so. While Dag had his own battles – greedy loan sharks and a baby mama who feeds on bowls of drama for breakfast, the two were yanked together when information of the reasons behind their mother’s death came out. Chief Kurokeme, their father and member of The Founding Fathers – an illicit group of power-hungry men that sought to control large chunks of fixed assets and funds was, in fact, to blame for Tina’s death. For this reason (and many others), the brothers stopped at nothing until they brought hell upon the guilty. They jointly brought down the cartel and finally put Tina to rest. A beautiful ending, if you ask us! One worth binging on. Watch all of the episodes only on Showmax.

Finding answers


Never have we ever been kept at the edge of our seats this much, sha! The journey the Gyados, the Jangfas and their allies took us on was bumpier than Isolo-Ejigbo-Ikotun road – and now you can enjoy a serving of all the drama on Showmax. After continuous battles with moles, illicit business deals, the emergence of long-forgotten enemies like Dabota and the death of Nanle and Tobore amongst others, the Gyado and Janga clans thought the calm had come after the storm; then Papa Wande happened. Legend says he had been robbed of the chance to make dirty money by both families and as revenge, planted his own children to wreak havoc and bring him his prey. Things didn’t go quite as planned though because love happened. After strapping Jesse and Tallulah to explosives and gassing Nafike to death despite his daughter’s pleas, his children made sure he was silenced forever. Redemption and new beginnings for those who remain? Catch up on all the drama on Showmax.

Angels and villains

Mercy and Ike

As if the pepper this duo served on Big Brother Naija wasn’t hot enough to flavour our soups for moons to come, Mercy and Ike brought the tatashe farm straight to our TV screens via their reality show of the same name – and brewed some crazy highlights while at it. These two stars got social media buzzing all season and even instigated (albeit unknowingly) many interesting debates; including the subject of cohabitation. While some rolled with the "Live and let live" philosophy, others felt that tradition was to be considered, weighed and respected where this subject is concerned. Social media rallied around the couple and defended their faves; tooth, nail and heart. When the London saga hit the fan, guess who was there to build a protective hedge around Mercy? Also, who can forget the fans cheering for Sister Promise, scolding Pascal and chesting Auntie Cleo’s bitter-sweet drama? Sensational! Mercy and Ike-hive are such MVPs, the show has now been made available on Showmax. Grab a big box of popcorn and binge 'til you drop. Ehe, you are welcome! 

Keeping things spicy

Battleground Final Showdown

While both the first seasons of Battleground and Hush were intense servings of drama that sought to explore the illicit use of both financial and political power to enforce changes that weren’t necessarily beneficial to the masses, the crossover of the two on ‘Final Showdown’ was a whole different kind of intense! Spearheaded by the sometimes good and most times evil (by his wife Adoara’s standards) Kolade, the Bhadmuses’ fame and fortune, unfortunately, failed to mask the secrets harboured. Not only did Adoara leave Kolade because he secretly married his mistress and had children with her, but she lied about Mayowa’s paternity; and because the apple seldom falls far from the tree, Teni pulled the same stunt on Emeka when she cheated with Ayo’s husband. Yikes! We'll tell you now. Final Showdown is a well-flavoured cocktail of drama, romance, betrayal and political espionage that is definitely worth indulging in. Kick your feet up and Showmax it. 

The perfect crossover

Judging Matters

Nigerians often embark on unsuccessful and lengthy civil suits for small disputes that can easily be remedied in claims courts. The lack of resolution often leads to discouragement and a resultant feeling of alienation. Enter; Judging Matters. The show uses the resolution of disputes outside a court, to guarantee speedy and immediate awarding of compensation. From matters as small as stolen bricks, unpaid rent, unreturned items and a failed barter system between family members; to issues of the unpaid rendering of services, loans and vehicle ownership disputes, Judging Matters has used the hand of the law to eliminate conflict and resolved matters quickly, without fear or favour. Not only will you witness the law at play, but you will laugh your way through almost every single one of the 14 episodes the season served. You beta Showmax na!

I stand accused

While there’s a time and place for everything, Showmax allows you to dictate ‘when and where’ when it comes to your preferred entertainment. So whether it’s in your living room or on the move, these Africa Magic shows will definitely keep you thoroughly entertained, watch them on Showmax now.

Stay tuned to Africa Magic for the finest entertainment our continent has to offer and if you aren't already watching, make sure you get your DStv subscription asap!
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