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Arbitrary resolutions at hand – Judging Matters

24 April 2020
No dispute is too small, and no conflict is too big for the Judging Matter chambers.
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Judging Matters seeks to deliver fast and effective small-scale conflict resolution no cost to the Litigants, and void of any administrative jargon.

Brought in motion by Justice Olusola William, a retired legal anchor who has run a mile with the Lagos state justice system and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, an all-round entertainer and lawyer called to the bar, Judging Matters is a show founded on the desire to create compelling real-life television that is both entertaining and able to provide education and information on the Lagos state Justice system.

It is an unshakeable fact that dispute resolution is cumbersome and somewhat challenging in Nigeria, a set of rolling boulders that often involves scarce time and money. Nigerians embark on civil suits over small disputes without proper understanding and guidance or even awareness that a small claims court exists, which often leads to discouragement, frustration and a feeling of systematic alienation.

Demanding absolutely no financial injection and the omission of confusing administrative Jargon, the arbitration process; that is, the resolution of disputes outside a court is widened through Judging Matters, guaranteeing speedy resolutions and immediate awarding of compensation.

Watch normal Lagosians take on their counterparts in ways that may tickle our ribs and entertain us to the max every Monday at 18:00 (WAT), on DStv CH 151 AM Showcase, and remember, Justice William’s decision on judgments are final. Follow the tag #AMJudgingMatters for a continuous scoop.

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